Monday, 3 August 2015


Actually relax - I really struggle relaxing, which sounds crazy but when I get a little bit of down time I panic about not being busy. I need to spend any free time having a moment to myself and recuperating.

Plan my New York trip - I'm heading over to NYC for work next month but have 3 and a bit days to myself to play tourist. ALL THE EXCITEMENT. I am determined to jam pack in as much as physically possible but need to plan my days to make the most of the free time I have there. I'm going to get a city pass to make sure I get as much out of the tourist attractions as poss - can anybody recommend any musts (sights, restaurants, must-visits etc)?

Get organised - This month I'm in the UK for around 13-14 days - the rest I'm away with work, on holiday or away from home. I need to really organise my time in between and make sure I get on top of things. As well as that, I need to have travel documents organised, all the currencies needed as well as a plan of attach for the exhibitions I'll be working at.

ENJOY my holiday to Budapest - Bit of a no brainer really but holiday time is a very rare thing for me these days. I want to make sure that I see as much as I can but also get plenty of time to relax and feel free of work for a little while. Note to boss: I will still be checking my emails, don't worry!

Capture my travels - Not just on camera but also just see them, inhale them. Does that sound weird? These days we're so reliant on iPhones, flashy cameras, technology in general, that we just forget to take in a moment or take in our travels and just think, "wow, this is pretty cool - I want to remember this forever'

And that's it folks.

Have you got any monthly goals for August? Or even any exciting plans coming up? Let me know in the comments below.


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