Friday, 11 September 2015


It's a couple of weeks since I've done a Five For Friday now...last week I was crazy busy in Milan. Hard life! And, to be honest, this week has been equally as busy. I didn't get back until late on Sunday night and this week I've had a long trip, rushed around catching up and headed back up North for the weekend to catch up with family and head over to Manchester to see my bestie.

This coming week...I FLY TO NEW YORK. I am so ridiculously excited you wouldn't believe. Four days of it are for work but I have three days of playing tourist. AHHHHH!! I CANNOT WAIT. I'm going to pop together a 'New York Diary' all about planning your time there, where I ate and all the nitty gritty that you'll probably need for planning your own trip. I feel like it's going to be the trip OF DREAMS!

So, this week's Five For Friday...

NEW TATTOO - Yesterday I had a brand new tattoo and I LOVE IT! It's on the back of my left arm and crazy sore at the moment (and pretty red, hence no photos!) I love tattoos and how each one represents something in my life. They aren't necessarily really in depth stories behind each other, but they all signify a memory.

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER - My housemate and I started watching this on Netflix when we got back from Milan. It's bizarre in parts but there are also a lot of laugh out loud moments. Definitely worth a watch but power through the strange bits!

NEW PROJECTS - I'm really excited to be part of an exciting new project through work and one of our clients. It's all related to Ivy League fashion and how it's still relevant in the UK. It's really exciting what we are putting together and I can't wait for the launch in November. More info to come!

F&F AUTUMN RANGE - There are some BEAUTIFUL things in the new F&F Autumn range at Tesco. I'm a big advocate of F&F clothes and you can guarantee that on a normal day, I'll have at least one item of F&F on. I'm in love with their burgundy suede shift dress and a-line skirts.

READING ON THE TRAIN - I rarely get time to read a good book anymore. That's why I love train journeys - it makes me sit for at least an hour and power through a few chapters. I've just started reading my uni friends newly published book and am thoroughly enjoying it so far. SO happy for his success!

Happy weekend lovely readers!


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