Friday, 16 October 2015



This week's been an odd one. I had an amazing weekend in Scotland for Hazel and Jack's wedding followed by a really busy week at work and a total feelings rollercoasters. You see, I realised something this week and it's made me a little out of sorts. I spent the first part of the week feeling totally shit. There's nothing worse than realising you may be too late saying how you feel BUT, break through...things are going to be okay. So the latter part of the week, well, I've been in high spirits. Feeling all of these feelings has been exhausted. You know what I've found the best therapy to be - Bridget Jones. She's my spirit animal, definitely.

Next week's going to be a seriously busy one - a few days in the office, two days in London and the weekend in Sheffield. Ain't no rest for the wicked...

This weekend I'm having an unusually quiet one for me. Tonight I'm doing NOTHING. I may go to the gym BUT that's it. I started watching The Good Wife on Netflix at the beginning of the week, after many recommendations, and I've got pretty into it. So I anticipate watching at least 5 episodes when I get home later. Tomorrow I'm heading down to London for an overdue catch up with a uni friend then Sunday is a breakfast outing, possible walk and a spring clean of the house with my housemate. I've not had a weekend doing as little as this for ages but I'm really looking forward to it. Most of all, I'm looking forward to a quick London trip - Autumnal London is beautiful.

I hope you guys have had a fab week and have an equally fab weekend!

Here's this weeks Five For Friday...

A weekend in Scotland - Jack and Hazel's wedding was absolutely perfect; the whole weekend was. I flew to Glasgow on the Friday and got a hire car for the two hour drive to Lochgilphead. Hazel (and my best pal Dan)'s Aunt and Uncle own the most INSANE estate. It's unbelievable. The ceremony was at a beautiful little church down then lane and the reception was on the estate. UNREAL. I had so much fun and it made the Monday blues a million times more difficult this week. LOVE a wedding!

Rachel's Special Edition Fig and Honey Yogurt - AH-MA-ZIIIIIING! I love figs, they've become a bit of an obsession lately. And honey, well, who couldn't like honey?! Rachel's always do my absolute favourite yogurt. I've never got over them discontinuing (can you still say that for yogurt?) my love, Apple and Elderflower. This Fig and Honey has upped their game. Get to the supermarket right now and buy some!

Film nights at home - We've been getting our quota of chick flicks in this week (again!). It's become a regular thing now that we watch at least one or two a week. I mean, maybe it will brainwash us into an unrealistic view on how life, love and friendships actually are but hey, you can't beat a good girly film - especially this time of year, now that the nights are getting darker earlier and the weather is getting colder.

MOTIVATION - I am SO pleased to announce that I've rediscovered my gym motivation this week. I've been really stressing over the last few months about putting weight on/not being as toned/getting fat/just generally thinking I'm a minger. These thoughts are NEVER EVER healthy. But us girls can't always stop them. So I've figured instead of having a mental battle with myself on the reg, to actually do something about it. I've been twice this week and plan to go at least once before Sunday afternoon.

Making plans - As I've got no work related travel plans until January, it's really nice to be able to make plans with friends and family at the moment. Of course, my weeks are still a bit here, there and everywhere but it's lovely to spend time with everybody. It makes me SUPER excited for two weeks off at Christmas!


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  1. Woo sounds like a busy time for you! But lots going on. I love Scotland, I bet the wedding was gorgeous up that way! x

    Jasmin Charlotte