Thursday, 1 October 2015


Where the hell has September gone?! Where has the summer gone?! It's getting towards Halloween, Bonfire Night and pretty soon, Christmas. Then the new year...GAHHH!

I've had the best month - a week of Milan, a week of New York, a London catch up, a weekend in Sheffield with my buddies AND I've spent some time with my family. Excitement of seeing a new city and catching up with my loved ones really makes my heart happy. 

October is going to be another fun month. I've got another two Sheffield trips planned, a wedding up in Scotland and, in all honestly, I'm serious looking forward to some downtime. Although the cold weather can easily get me down, I quite look forward to getting home from work, whipping up a nice dinner and cosying up under a blanket to read or watch something on Netflix. That said, I need to up my fitness game for the next three months before the next round of work trips begin.

So, how did my September Goals go...

SEE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE IN NEW YORK - I fitted in everything I could  while I was there - I did all of the standard touristy things, caught up with an old friend from Australia and had the time of my life!

PLAN A SHEFFIELD AND A LONDON TRIP - I've already been to both London and Sheffield a couple of times this month and have more lined up for Halloween, Bonfire Night and various other goings on.

NOT WORRY ABOUT MONEY - Surprisingly I've managed this, which is very unlike me. I've splurged a lot but I've kinda (not really...) kept track of things.

TRY AND HAVE A MONTH WITHOUT BUYING MORE THAN 10 ITEMS OF CLOTHING - Failed...let's move on. I'm never going to manage to cut my spending on clothes.

SLEEP - I've slept a lot more this month than in the past few months so I'm pretty pleased with that - getting more than 5 or 6 hours was becoming a rarity for me!


GET BACK ON TRACK - Healthy eating, the gym, clearing out my room and other bits in the house...all the stuff I've put off for the past few months due to not being in one place for more than a week.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY - I can't wait to see more of everybody over these next three months as I have a breather from my work trips. Living away from all of them topped with travelling all over makes me miss them so much.

TRY AT LEAST ONE NEW RECIPE EACH WEEK - I've got pretty lazy with cooking over the last couple of months and have tended to stick to my tried, tested and probably too regular recipes. 

BE MORE PROACTIVE DURING THE DAY - I need to start making the most of time instead of getting so easily distracted during the day then staying up late working or browsing the internet.  I want to start getting up a little bit earlier and starting my day feeling less rushed.

GET SOME FRESH AIR WHERE I CAN - Now we're pretty much in Autumn, this is where the sunlight is sucked away and the weather turns - and the time when I go into hibernation. I find the winter months really tough as it's always so cold and dark. I want to try my best to make the most of the outdoors where I can - getting wrapped up for a walk at lunchtime, going out for a long walk with Mum and B when I'm at home or just sitting in the garden for 20 minutes having a cuppa!

I can't believe I've kept up for writing these monthly goals for so long! As 2016 approaches, is it something you'll do for the New Year?


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