Friday, 6 November 2015


...the first is FOOD, obviously.
This week has been a really good one. Halloween weekend was loads of fun. On the Friday I headed home for one of my oldest friends 24th birthday. It was so lovely to catch up with school friends I don't see that often and we had a lovely meal at a local restaurant. I spent some time with Caitlin the following day and caught up with family before heading back to Northampton for a Halloween night out. We stayed local and it was a mixed bag of effort with the fancy dress. I decided on Wednesday Addams but ended up with a completely white face, dark eyes and black lips so I went a bit rogue with my chosen fancy dress. It was a really fun night and led to the whole of Sunday being spent in bed watching Modern Family.
The rest of the week has involved a lot of driving around collecting shoe samples for work as we are hosting this exhibition at Northampton Uni for the next three weeks. If you live nearby or are in the area, go and check it out. It's not been done before and the concept is really quite brilliant. It's all about the influence of the Ivy League style and how Northamptonshire companies are still manufacturing men's welted shoes of the Ivy League style.

OMG. I have had literally the best and most unreal moment of my life this week. Yesterday I went to THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT for a fashion show as part of graduate fashion week. It was an incredible experience. Everybody from Henry Holland to Christopher Bailey, Burberry CEO, was there. I can't believe that night actually happened to me. I mean, the setting, Bonfire Night, the people. It was crazy and so, so good. Cannot thank UK Fashion and Textiles for inviting me to celebrate the amazing lines coming from Fashion Graduates across the UK.

I'm really looking forward to a relaxed weekend up North with D and his family. We've got country walks and a nice dinner planned but knowing us we'll end up staying in drinking wine or napping. Hopefully some fireworks will be on the cards too!


FANCY DRESS - I usually have really mixed feelings about fancy dress. I always have an idea really early on and then am rushing around at the last minute to sort something out. I'd originally decided on Cruella but happily changed my mind two days before our night out to Wednesday Addams. I loved having a painted face and black wig on - it's made me kinda like fancy dress again after being bored to death by it throughout uni (being a VERY blue smurf whilst living in halls resulted in blue facepaint on walls, bathrooms, furniture, EVERYTHING, for weeks).

QUORN SPAG BOL...WITH COURGETTI - I don't eat a lot of meat anymore and genuinely like the taste of quorn so I thoroughly enjoyed making and eating this dish. I always feel so bloated after a bowl of pasta so use courgetti (and my fantastic spiraliser) whenever I can. I'm going to blog this recipe because if you don't eat meat or simply want a healthy alternative to spag bol, this one is great.

MY HOMEMADE GRANOLA - A few weeks ago I made some granola whilst at my parents house and it's delicious. I never really stick to a recipe so it's a bit of a mish-mash of nuts, seeds, oats, honey and this one has gluten free cornflakes in too (and a couple of squeezes of agave nectar, for good measure.) So tasty, especially with almond milk!

LUSH FACEMASKS - Lush make the best skincare products that not only look after your skin but smell AMAZING too. I recently bought a Peppermint facemask from the Kings Road store to help clear up my spotty chin a little bit and it's worked a treat. The staff are always so friendly and helpful in there - and also very good at their jobs as I end up leaving with several new products!

POSITIVE THINKING - My dad sent this present ages ago now. I'd just been promoted and I was having a huge confidence blip that I was taking on more than I could handle. The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful with a lot of multitasking involved and it's made me wonder whether I'm not doing as well as I'd hoped. Having these framed words of wisdom on my desk to glance at every now and then makes me realise how far I've come and that I really can do whatever I put my mind too if I allow myself the belief that it's possible.

Have a great weekend! I hope you've got lots of lovely things planned.


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