Friday, 13 November 2015


For once, this week hasn't been quite as busy. I've been feeling a bit grumpy all week which I'm pretty certain is because of the dark nights. The SAD is creeping its way back guys. I know a lot of people say they have SAD or joke about having it but seriously, this time of year is hard work. Yeah, the colours are nice, it's nearly Christmas, it's nice to wrap up warm etc etc. but the dark mornings, dark nights, grey weather, the gradual cold that creeps up on us - it's tough.

Whinging over.

This week, like I said, it's been quiet really. I had a really lovely weekend in the countryside than a crazy long drive back down South. Work-wise this week I've kept myself to myself. We have the launch of our exhibition on Wednesday which was pretty cool. It's such an interesting concept and nobody's put anything like it together before. Tonight I'm off for a fancypants dinner on the HQS Wellington on the Victoria Embankment, which is pretty cool. It's hosted by the Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers as part of their Young Manager of the Year Award.

Next week? Next week is CHAOS. I've got a day of holiday on Monday to spend some time at my parents house. Tuesday I'm in London allday, Wednesday I have meetings, Thursday I have a client dinner in London, Friday I haven't a clue where I'll be. CHAOS!

This week's Five For Friday:

A WEEKEND IN THE COUNTRYSIDE- at the weekend D and I went to stay with his mum up North for the weekend, spent some time with his sister and her husband, went on a little walk, did a bit of shopping etc. It was so nice to get away with the weekend and relax. It's no secret that I love the North and the countryside, team that with an Autumnal walk and I'm a happy girl.

POST-BEST-NIGHT-OF-MY-LIFE EXCITEMENT - I went to the Houses of Parliament to watch a fashion show as part of graduate fashion week. Yes, you've read this correctly. And yes, it was as wonderful as it sounds. The HoP on Bonfire Night, with the CEO of BURBERRY?! It was a real *pinch yourself* moment and I'm SO grateful for the experience.

WILD FIG AND CASSIS CANDLE - Best candle EVER. This time of year I'm all about the candles. Cinnamon smells, comforting fruity can't beat coming home and lighting a candle to scent the house. Check out the candles from Muji this time of year, reasonable prices and amazing scents. And obviously, my all time favourite Yankee Candles.

SPIN CLASSES - I've been banging on about getting fit for ages now. Over the past 6-9 months I've become incredibly unhappy with my body and I've reached the point of needing to do something about it. Last week I went to my first spin class in almost two years. The best bit? I absolutely loved it. I mean, I'm not entirely sure you're meant to enjoy those things but I really, really did. I've been again twice this week and really feel like this is the way to not only lose that bit of weight I want to get rid of as well as toning up, but also to get my overall fitness up.

GREEN SMOOTHIES - this week I've been treating myself to a green smoothie a day to try and perk myself up. I've been finding I must prefer the taste of a green smoothie rather than an all-fruit smoothie. They really do perk you up and leave you feeling refreshed and perky afterwards.

Have a brilliant weekend!


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