Friday, 27 November 2015


THE MACCABEES - BOYS, I LOVE YOU. I've loved the Maccabees since they came onto the scene ten years ago. In the back of my mind I hope, that one day, Felix will notice me and decide I'm the love of his life. All joking aside (although not joking...) they were fantastic but, then again, they always are. Their new album Marks to Prove It is my favourite one to date and after watching numerous interviews, it was written with the end result of sounding AMAZING live. It totally doesn't disappoint. I felt like I was in another world for the duration of their set and I genuinely cannot wait to see what else they bring in the future.

VISTING CAMBRIDGE - The main point of the trip was to see the Maccabees at the Corn Exchange but fortunately we went the night before and stayed with one of Cherilyn's friends. We ate Japanese food, drank a lot of wine (mulled and non-mulled), stayed up until the early hours on singstar (something I never do due to being tone deaf) and had a mooch around Cambridge on the Sunday before the gig. I'd never been to Cambridge before so it was lovely to see all of the beautiful historic buildings, drink more mulled wine, have a delicious breakfast, watch people punting on the river and basically just explore a new place.

HAVING SOME DOWN TIME - Burning the candle at both ends eventually hits you and that's what's happened to me lately. Obviously I had a busy weekend but during the last week I've tried to grab extra sleep and extra rest time where possible. I feel like this time of year the excuse of 'I need a rest' is more valid - it's dark, it's cold - nobody wants to be here, there and everywhere in that kind of weather!

BEAUTIFUL SUNNY (BUT FREEZING) MORNINGS - There's nothing more beautiful than a beautifully sunny but crisp Autumnal morning. My drive to work through the countryside is amazing at the moment with the morning frost on the fields with the sunshine rising over.

BEING TOO COSY IN BED - Yes, I know have reached that point in the year where getting out of bed in the mornings if proving impossible...and I've also reached that point where all I want to do is be in bed because it's so cold outside. I bought a furry bear-esque throw from Tesco this week that has just made my bed feel like I'm laying in an amazingly comfortable marshmallow. It's fabulous.

I hope you've all had a lovely week and have Autumnal (and hopefully Christmassy!) weekend plans


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