Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I'm sound like a COMPLETE broken record but seriously, HOW IS IT NEARLY 2016?! Like, I don't get it. Why is it when you're an adult and you can have ALL THE FUN life seems to fly by in seconds. Months literally feel like a week, it scares me that I'm getting nearer and nearer 25 and feel like I have way less time in life. 

October has been another busy one, but aren't they all these days. I stared the month with a weekend with my parents after not seeing them properly for a couple of months prior. The following weekend was Hazel and Jack's amazing wedding in Scotland. I've caught up with the majority of my friends, been to an industry awards evening, had a few London trips, got back into going to the gym, eating healthy (most of the time), seen the amazing Chanel Mademoiselle Prive exhibition and had a pretty good Halloween weekend.

I quite like this time of year. I mean, I HATE how dark it is in the mornings as well as having to put my headlights on earlier and earlier now when driving home from work but I like the colours, the knitwear, the leaves, the warm drinks, getting my scarves and gloves's nice. There's something comforting about Autumn and having that excuse to snuggle up, stay indoors a little bit more and do seasonal things at the weekend. I'm also LOVING the fact that figs are in season. OH BOY, I'm eating too many of them.

This month I've got A LOT of London trips for work - conferences, meetings, lunches, awards evening, Pattenmakers dinners, client dinners - can I just move there now please?!  i'M As well as that I'M GOING TO SEE THE MACCABEES and I can't wait because...well, they're the Maccabees and they're brilliant. This November also marks three bloody years since I graduated. THREE YEARS?! Things have changed so, so much. I've been backpacking, started my job, been promoted, been on 29 flights this year alone...WOW.

Reminiscing like crazy lately!

So, how did last months October goals go?

GET BACK ON TRACK - I feel like I've half done this. I've definitely been on top of the healthy eating, going back to the gym and giving myself some down time. Money...not so much. I can't help it, I'm a spender. I take after my mum!

SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY - I'm pleased to say I've managed this and it's been lovely as I've just mentioned above. It makes my heart incredibly happy to have friends in my life that understand I might not be able to see them every week but that we can meet up once a month, or maybe even longer, and it not feel any different.

TRY AT LEAST ONE NEW RECIPE EACH WEEK - Achieved! A big weekend breakfast croissant, green lentil and bean burgers, a new stuffed mushroom recipe, the most delicious aubergine katsu curry, autumnal courgette, miso quinoa one pot and sweet potato gnocchi - all recipes will appear on here at some point but you know I've become a bit of a fair weather blogger.

BE MORE PROACTIVE DURING THE DAY - I've been a bit hit and miss with this. I've been ill over the last week and a half to be proactive has been a struggle at times but I definitely feel like I've been doing more throughout the days than last month.

GET SOME FRESH AIR WHERE I CAN - When I've not been out and about, I've been making a cup of tea and sitting in the garden for 15 minutes or so. I definitely think it's made a difference to my overall moods having this time to myself and getting a bit of fresh air.


PLAN CHRISTMAS PRESENTS - I've already bought on present but I am determined to be on top of this. I have a shopping trip to London planned with my mum at the beginning of December so I am determined to have everything sorted by then. I mean, it's not like I buy for that many people but still, I hate the last minute rush.

START SPIN CLASSES AGAIN - In my mission to lose weight and tone up, I am also wanting to start going spinning once a week. I went while I was living in Australia a couple of times a week and really got into it but it's getting that initial confidence to go back that's the issue.

UPDATE MY BLOG - I feel like my blog could really do with an update. It's pretty much been exactly the same since I bought my own domain and moved over to blogger. I mean, it probably won't be too different but I think it could do with a lick of paint!

SPEND ONE NIGHT A WEEK PAMPERING - When I first moved in with Cherilyn we seemed to fall into an unspoken tradition of face masks, nail painting and a chick flick each week (sometimes more...). The chick flicks seem to have stood the test of time. I want a pamper sesh once a week. I've ever started buying new bath bombs and face masks to make this a reality.

SEE WHAT FESTIVE MARKETS/EVENTS ARE HAPPENING SOON - Last Christmas I really slacked on the festive events. I mean, I drank a lot of mulled wine which kinda made up for it but I love Christmas markets, Christmassy blogger events and anything with a little jinglebells in it. I've joined a few facebook groups about festive events this Christmas so I plan to get a few in my diary!

Are you already getting excited for Christmas? Please tell me it's not just me!


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