Monday, 7 December 2015

LIFE: When Times Get Rough But We Must Stay Positive

This is me and one of my oldest and best friends, Caitlin.

Caitlin and I have been friends since we were 4 - meaning it's almost over 20 years since we met.

She's always been a constant in my life, even during our separate times at University when we didn't see a great deal of one another but she's one of those friends. One of those friends you know that no matter how long it is since you last spoke or saw each other, you pick up where you left off like no time has gone by or nothing has been missed.

A week ago Caitlin was hit by a car. And it nearly killed her. I can't sugar coat it and I wanted to write this to make it feel more real because this last week hasn't felt real. It's felt like a nightmare.

A horrible, horrible nightmare where none of us have known whether or not the person we all deem 'the best human we know' would make it.

Caitlin is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her biased best friend.

EVERYBODY loves her. She has hundreds of friends, all of them thinking the world of her. She has numerous godchildren, an army of best friends, a loving family and she's everything you would want to aspire to be. She looks after poorly babies as a nurse - she is THAT lovely. She's a superhuman.

Which has led me to question all week, if there is somebody out there watching over us, how could something like this happen to her? For what reason? For what good?

It's been a week of questions. Some answered, some not. A week of tears, of no sleep, of fear, of fighting to stay positive.

Thankfully her condition is now stabilising and it is only a matter of time before she is likely to be brought out of her induced coma and for the real recovery to begin. She's made such progress over the last week but the road to recovery, I anticipate, is going to be an incredibly long one.

My point of this post - never, ever, EVER take your loved ones for granted. This week has been the hardest week of my life and despite trying to stay positive there's been times when I've sobbed down the phone to my Mum ''but what if I lose her?''

Being a person that suffers the occasional attack of anxiety, it's been tricky but you know what, I've know she needs me to stay strong. And I've done that for her. I might have become a chain smoker, struggled to go to the gym until yesterday, developed the mother of all coldsores and basically, just become a bit of a mess (I opted for two glasses of Red for dinner last night rather than actual food) I've just about managed to hold it together.

What can you do in this situation? Wait. That's all that can be done. Waiting for good news, praying for no bad news, waiting to be told something positive.

The support her friends, family, colleagues and school friends have shown is absolutely overwhelming. To the point that every time I go on Facebook it makes me so overwhelmed with emotion that I've ended up in tears a few times.

She is SO loved. So, so ridiculously loved.

And I cannot wait for her to wake up so we can all tell her that.

We're rooting for you Greggors. Now hurry up and come back to us. I'm missing you.


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