Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I LOVE Christmas. I love the cheesey songs, the decorations, making rustic mincepies every single week from mid-November, the guys on Oxford Street that play Christmas songs on kettledrums, the beautiful scented candles, snuggling up by the fire, I LOVE IT ALLLLL.
There's just something super special about this time of year and I'm a firm believer that it shouldn't just be children that are allowed to be excited about Christmas. It's SUCH a fun time. Some of my favourite memories are during Christmas Time at Uni when we'd go to the Christmas markets then to the Lescar for a glass (or seven) of Mulled Wine. Or the time Sheffield got really bad snow and we had two weeks off uni before Christmas.
Christmas Day and Boxing Day are always quiet for me. I have a tiny family and I really don't mind it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've grown up wanting big family Christmases but now I'm always working, it's nice to have a fortnight off to do next to nothing for a few days.
'tis the season to be jolly!
Here's what I loveeeeeee about Christmas:
THE BUILD UP - The festive build up is my favourite thing about Christmas. There's that sense of excitement in the air. Everybody seems that little bit happy and jollier. There are Christmas songs playing, friends and family spending time together, all of the pretty lights everywhere.

MULLED WINE - Or any kind of wine. Or Mulled Cider. I'm not too fussy! I love Mulled Wine. If it was acceptable to drink Mulled Wine all year round I probably would. The smell, the taste...phwoar! And who knew warm red wine would taste so good?!

FAMILY AND FRIENDS TIME - I laughed as I typed this. Family time is sometimes nice in small doses. I don't get to go home much throughout December apart from Christmas week and a couple of days before New Year. I LOVE having time with my friends. Fortunately some still live in the town we grew up, my uni friends are scattered all over the place. It's hard to catch up with everybody over Christmas but thankfully feeling festive encourages me (and Mulled Wine, obviously)

FILMS YOU'VE SEEN A MILLION TIMES - I'm going to say something controversial...I don't mean Elf. I don't really like Elf that much. I'm talking Home Alone, A Wonderful Life...Shrek, Harry Potter, The Princess Diaries. Seriously, not necessarily Christmassy but ALWAYS on during Christmas. Watching a film you've seen a million times is like a comfort blanket - you laugh, cry, smile, gasp at the same bits but you leave with a warm fuzzy feeling once the film ends. And let's face it, I could watch Harry Potter films every. damn. week.

CHRISTMAS EVE - Being an only child, I still feel a bit childish on Christmas Eve. I feel like I need to point out that I don't believe in Santa, I know he doesn't come down the Chinmeny and I know that person that eats the mincepie, drinks the whiskey and eats the carrot left out for Rudolph is actually my Dad. But I love Christmas Eve. I love the last minute panic to wrap presents, prepping dinner for the next day, lighting the fire and watching a Christmas film. I still go to bed excited to open presents in the morning. If this means I'm not grown up, so be it, I don't want to grow up and lose the excitement of Christmas!

AN EXCUSE TO NAP DUE TO OVERINDULGENCE - I love a nap. Napping is my favourite pastime and some may argue it should be deemed a sport. Nothing beats a good nap, especially a nap after you've gorged on turkey, mince pies, one extra pig in blanket, oh...just one more shovel full of mashed's okay, it's Christmas. We don't do it all the time. Have a nap, forget about it.

THE GENERAL EXCITEMENT IN THE AIR EVERYWHERE YOU GO - I guess this is part of the build up or maybe I've seen the Coca Cola Advert too many times already but there really is a magical feeling in the air during December. Maybe everybody's had a bit too much mulled goodness, maybe they've got caught up in the favourite Christmas film, maybe all of the food has made them a bit delirious. But I love it. I love that Christmassy feeling you get walking through London with hundreds of people stopping to take pictures of the lights.

Now pass me some mistletoe and a large glass of my fave mulled stuff, it's Christmas after all!


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