Tuesday, 1 December 2015


IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. Can you believe how quickly this year has gone?! Scary, right?

November has whizzed by in a flash, as have all of the months this year.

I'm starting a new 'feature' from January called My Month. And, well, it does what it says on the tin...tells you about my month - what I've been eating, where I've been, what I've been reading, listening to etc. I'm still toying with a little monthly goals section within My Month but I don't want to make the posts go on for pages and pages.

Anyway, this month has, yet again been busy.

As you may have seen, I went to the Houses of Parliament. Yes it was as mindblowing as it sounds. I went to a Graduate Fashion Show as part of Graduate Fashion Week. It was in the River Terrace, overlooking the Thames and the Eye. SUCH a cool experience! I also went over to Sheffield to help my best friend Emily move and we actually had a lovely weekend filled with food and relaxation, despite the moving!

Last week I popped off to Cambridge see the Maccabees *ALL THE HEART EMOJIS*. God, I love them. Their voices, their faces...

I've spent LOADS of time in London for meetings, dinners, events etc. I've felt like I've practically lived there this month.

I also had the most lovely, Christmassy weekend at my friends Charlie's with a bunch of our friends. It was so lovely to sit around drinking wine (mulled or not!), going out for a winter walk and just spending some relaxing time together. I absolutely loved it.

I've become of a mostly meat-free eater now. I've just lost my appetite for the taste of meat but this doesn't mean I'm a full-time veggie. This month I've made some delicious Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Seasonal Squash Courgetti, Sweet Potato, Parsnip and Carrot Soup, my favourite hummus, Super Healthy Fishcakes (no dairy, flour, butter or oil!!), Courgetti Quorn Bolognese, Mushroom, Chickpea and Carrot Stew, a chickpea and lentil coconut curry and a drunken dinner (breakfast for dinner, standard drunken behaviour).
I've not really eaten out a lot this month, surprisingly. I've been really busy, as always, so haven't really felt like doing much in the evenings. And I don't know about you, but this weather certainly doesn't help! I just want to get in and curl up in bed with a big mug of tea. That said, I have had some DELICIOUS meals. I went over to D's for the weekend and we all went to Freemason. It blew my mind. I've not had a meal that good for a long while. I opted to the Lobster - butter poached tail, crispy claw wontons, potato cooked in seaweed, fresh blueberries and black pepper sauce. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I can't even put into words how tasty it was. We also had delicious wine, coffee and 'homemade treats' at the end, equally as delicious.

As well as Freemason, I was invited to a Pattenmakers dinner aboard the HQS Wellington on the Thames. The meal was delicious - Smoked Haddock Cake for starter, slow cooked lamb with buttered vegetables for main and a trio of mango desserts to finish.

I HAD MY FIRST CHRISTMAS SANDWICH OF THE SEASON. Joyous day. I love Christmas sandwiches and Pret's are always the best *all of the Santa emojis*.

I also was lucky enough to be taken to Rushton Hall for afternoon tea. It wasn't as grand as I had anticipated (the food, not the hall!) but still tasty all the same. I think they could have improved on the sandwiches a tad.

Finally getting to explore Cambridge meant exploring the eateries. We had a delicious breakfast at The Black Cat Café on Mill Road and I had delicious homemade scotch eggs at The Grain & Hop.

OH and I also had a really nice meal at Northbank. I had a Ox Cheek Croquettes to start and the Cornish Cod for main. Really, really good. Here I had my first mulled wine of the season (with many to follow during my Cambridge trip!)

Okay, so I went out for food more than I realised...


I love Christmas, well, the build up. I normally just eat a lot and snooze a lot on the actual day. I LOVE feeling festive. SO. MUCH. December is already fully booked - dinners, work commitments, trips home to Nottingham, lots of London visits, Manchester to see my favourite Ginge.

Busy bee!

Let's recap November's Monthly Goals:

PLAN CHRISTMAS PRESENTS - I don't know whether I should be embarrassed or smug but I've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping. I've only got to collect a few things I've ordered online and pick a few bits up but everything's about 80% sorted.

START SPINNING AGAIN - Done. I've been going every week and I'm so into it.

UPDATE MY BLOG - I thought this would be a bit of a long shot. I know it's time consuming so I think I was kidding myself that I'd actually sit down and do it. Maybe one for the 2016 goals, hey?

SPEND ONE NIGHT A WEEK PAMPERING - I guess I've kind of done this. There's been the odd face mask here and there and I was lucky enough to try out my lovely new Mio Skincare products.

SEE WHAT FESTIVE MARKETS/EVENTS ARE HAPPENING SOON - I've got a few in mind for December. I'll be heading down to London for a few of the Christmassy goings-on and up to Manchester to the Christmas market too.


This month, I'm only having one goal...

STAY POSITIVE: I found out on Sunday that my best and oldest friend had been involved in a very serious accident. She's been hit by a car and now remains in a critical condition in intensive care. My heart is breaking, truly breaking. So this is my goal - be positive, for her. She's strong, she's a fighter and she will make it through this.


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