Wednesday, 2 December 2015

VISITED: My Favourite London Breakfast Spot and The Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition

I'm probably a little delayed in writing this as it definitely happened last month but alas, things get in the way...
 My favourite spots in London are always the quieter ones, a little off the beaten track. Ones that every blogger out there hasn't written about or instagrammed. The simple places that aren't particularly fancy in menu, they don't have eggs and avocado (SHOCKER, I know!?) and where you just feel like a local.

That's why I love Owen's in Muswell Hill. I've told you about it before and I try and go whenever I'm in the area. Creature of habit, I still had the grated apple, natural yoghurt, almonds and honey with a peppermint tea. The whole menu sounds and looks delicious but there's something about the hydrating and comforting yoghurt bowl that leaves me feeling content and ready to face the day. Two of the main things I like about Owen's are the staff and the atmosphere of the place. The staff don't fuss around you, they aren't overfamiliar - they meet your foodie needs and allow you to get on with it. The place itself is just so relaxed. The decor is simple, lots of wood, plain walls, a few decorations here and there but it works. And a combination of all of these things is what always takes me back.

From there, I hopped on the tube to South Kensington to the one thing I'd been dying to see since I'd heard it was happening - the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Unfortunately it's now over as it ended on the 1st November, so I hate to rub it in. It was fantastic and I'm so pleased I persevered with that hour and a half queue to get in (cons of a free exhibition!)

Spread out over three floors of the Saatchi Gallery, the exhibition itself pays homage to the life and creativity of the icon Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and current creative icon, Karl Lagerfeld.

The mirrored staircase is where the exhibition begins, a reconstruction of Coco's salon. The room is full of sketches and tells of career beginnings as a milliner and her first hat store. One thing that was a great addition to the exhibition - the specially designed app for the event - which gave you a little more information about the contents of each room.

What I really liked about the exhibition were the really light, bright walkways with black trim around the edges, floor and ceiling, representing the Chanel No 5 perfume bottle. The decoration and little details were clearly well thought out and resulted in a positive portrayal of Chanel. With so many clever features, it's hard to get it all written down. But I feel so fortunate to have witnessed it all.

My favourite part of the whole exhibition was the beautiful portrait gallery, with famous faces adorning the signature Chanel jewellery. All sparkles and beautiful faces.

Off another corridor was the garden, showing the manicured criss-cross hedges - a sight you don't really expect from the first floor of a gallery. If you have the app, you also find out here that this reconstructed garden and the hedging is how Chanel came up with her world-famous Chanel logo.

Moving around the gallery, the Couture displays leave you speechless. Seeing those designs up close makes you appreciate the passion and skill going into those designs and finished products. Displayed using a florescent pole, which light the room, you are able to also appreciate the craftsmanship that has, not only gone into the outside of the piece, but also the detailing on the inside.

Contrasting to the dark, fluroscents-lit room is the futuristic Chanel No 5  room - full of gold-lidded 'wells', showing the ingredients of the perfume. The room itself smelt fantastic, as you would expect from the Chanel perfume range, but what I really liked about this part of the exhibition was how it differed from the other spaces - the quiet dimly lit couture and portrait room, the light and airy garden area...then this, the quirky and futuristic perfume room.

After missing both the Little Black Jacket exhibition and the recent Alexander McQueen exhibition, I am THRILLED I got the chance to visit Mademoiselle Privé - it's made me fall in love with Coco Chanel and her amazing label all over again.
Find out what else is on at the Saatchi Gallery.

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