Thursday, 28 January 2016

LIFE: A Catch Up

It's no secret that towards the end of last year, things got tough.

Like really tough. I mean, I've been through various things in the past that I've openly spoken about on here - bad break ups, mental health, feeling a bit lost - but the last couple of months have been the toughest yet. And it's only just hit me. It's got me in a bit of a rut. I'm not really the biggest fan of writing negatively in posts but I've always said, this is a space for me to write about the good, the bad and the tasty. So right now, I'm getting by. And I think it's a prime example of things looking good via social media, but somebody's life not being all rosy. We don't post the negative. I don't post photos of my weekly hospital visits to see my friend, the harsh truth of the other things going on, the struggle to motivate myself, the struggle to drum up conversation. Because it really is a struggle right now but thankfully I have a very busy job that keeps me occupied. 

So, to the positive. I've just got back from a work trip to Italy. Rive del Garda is one of the most incredible places to visit. The views are mind-blowing, the food is delicious and it's always a lot of fun.

This basically sums up the trip. 

A lot of Buffalo Mozzarella. A lot of tomatoes. Drizzled with balsamic. 

Since getting back from Italy, it's continued to be hectic. Meetings, London trips, days feeling like a few hours. I'd say it's the time of year but it has felt like this for over 12 months now. Where do the hours go? I have no idea. 

I need to talk about these shoes. My friends over at French Sole told me a while ago about the Little Dax shoes. They're a collaboration with Rosie from Made in Chelsea and a percentage of the retail cost of the shoes goes to Battersea Dogs Home. OBVIOUSLY, I had to have these. They're the closest I can get to owning a Sausage Dog right now and they're adorable. 

This week I had another meeting in London over at Somerset House. It's the first time I've actually been over when it's not been hectic with LFW or some other event on. So it was very peaceful and nice to meet there to discuss all things fashion and footwear.

With the rest of the day, I headed first to Jermyn Street to check out all of the footwear shops. I'd been meaning to head down there for such a long time so enjoyed seeing the collections in a retail environment. From there I headed over to various other parts of London to immerse myself in more shoe-retailed things.

Obviously I needed a pit stop and I'm pleased to say I FINALLY got myself over to Mildred's in Soho. Mildred's is a veggie/vegan restaurant with a fantastic menu. It took me a long, long time to choose what I wanted and I 100% over-ordered (as always!!). I got the halloumi from the small plates and a small salad. This wasn't just any salad, oh no no no, it was BEAUTIFUL. Genuinely one of the nicest salads I've had in AGES! It was the organic detox salad: beetroot, carrot, sultanas, sprouting and toasted seeds in lime and ginger dressing with marinated tofu or goats cheese. I mean, I'd never think to put sultanas in a salad. It worked SO well. And there's nothing better than a crunchy seed in a salad. 

I will 100% be visiting again, maybe I'll head to the Camden one this time and try the burgers!

And this morning, I've woken up to sunshine and an unexpectedly mild winter morning. I woke up a bundle of anxiety but I've sat working from home before my meeting this afternoon and it's helped focus my mind. I started back at yoga this week, finding a local class. Although it's a lot more than I'd want to pay I feel like it's definitely what I need right now.

So, I'm sorry this isn't the most upbeat thing to read but I am a firm believer in not shying away from how you're feeling. Somebody said to me this week when I asked how they were 'yeah, I'm great thanks. Are you? ACTUALLY, I'm not great. I'm ill and a bit fed up.' This was somebody I'd previously only spoken to via email until this meeting and I really appreciated this honest approach. People shy away from feeling shitty as though they're embarrassed to admit they're a bit down in the dumps. I've learned over the years it's totally not worth bottling your feelings.

It's not all bad. I have two lovely weekends coming up, someone that's keeping a smile on my face and a February full of travel. And I think that's what's important, finding the good in a cluster of bad and carrying on, admitting you're not okay but you will be, with time.


Friday, 15 January 2016


Another week has flown by and as I type this, I'm just about to fly to Italy for five days to work at a footwear tradeshow in Riva del Garda (#fancypants) I love the trip to Garda as the views are SO beautiful. However, when I land, I've got a two hour drive...on my own...from Bergamo to the hotel in Riva. I've driven on the other side of the road before, once, very briefly so I'd a tad nervous. I'm got my European satnav and car hire all sorted so, fingers crossed, all will be fine!

That trip sees me through until Tuesday, the rest of the week I have my review at work, the final arranged one of this promotion which is a bit scary really, on March 1st I'll have been officially in this role for 12 whole months. Thursday I'm in London for a meeting with one of my favourite companies and I've not seen them for a while so it'll be lovely to catch up and talk strategy! Friday will mean time for a new Five For Friday and I think next weekend I'll be heading up to Sheffield to see Ems with the boys (I thiiiink!)

Anyway, I better hop on that plane! Here's this week's Five For Friday:

Bristol - My love for Bristol has increased yet again. Granola and a juice at Bill's, a coffee at Penfold Kitchen - I could spend days hopping from independent restaurant to quirky little café. Bristol reminds me of a bigger version of Sheffield - full of friendly people, inviting, homely and full of local, independents. I really think it could be the next place I choose to live!

Breakfast at The Old House - It's not secret at all that I LOVE going out for breakfast. I consider it a hobby and a favourite pastime, I don't think there's anything at all wrong with that. Unfortunately, Northampton doesn't exactly have a great deal of nice little eating spots other than chain restaurants. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a chain every now and then (Pizza Express, Chiquito, Bill's etc) but I like a place with a bit of something different. The Old House on Wellingborough Road is a pub serving breakfast (until 12 at weekends), lunch and dinner. It's a cool place with an upstairs full of seating, bare brick, a nice outdoor area, those cool industrial hanging lights that I's a funky little place. I opted for the OH veggie breakfast...erm, with a side of bacon and stolen black pudding from the plate to my left. It was good, really good.

Pottering about at Pitsford Reservoir - As part of my neverending quest to find out what there actually is to do that's remotely nice in Northamptonshire, we headed to Pitsford Reservoir for some fresh air. It was chilly but a beautiful afternoon, as the sun set over the water, it looked incredible. We walked around for about an hour or so before realising it would soon drop dark. Prior to this, we popped into the Brampton Holt (my fave local countryside pub) for a swift G&T, perfect pre-walk prep!

A cup of tea with my work pals - I arrived at work on Wednesday morning to the news the heating hadn't come on properly that morning. Team that with having to scrape the ice from my car and I was already in a state of shock at how cold the weather had dropped. Thankfully, it was suggested that we head to a café round the corner for a cup of tea whilst the building had chance to warm up now that the heating was correctly programmed. We all work so hard and sometimes can go a whole day without a proper conversation (perks of a small team with too much to do!) so it was really nice to have an hour together to have a chat and not have to primarily discuss work things!

A Day in London - I told you earlier in the week about last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time shopping, eating and wandering around London.

Have a great weekend! I hope you've got lovely things lined up!


Thursday, 14 January 2016

ATE AT: The Indian Tiffin Room, Cheadle

I love a local independent and the villages just outside of Stockport are FULL of them. I'm lucky that my bestest bud lives up there and we've stayed close since meeting at Uni so I manage a trip up there every couple of months throughout the year. The best bit? He loves discovering new restaurants as much as me (and burgers, we love burgers! And sausage dogs too!) My favourite thing about visiting him and knowing we're going for food is the door being opened and after cheesy grins and long, squeezy hugs, I'm giving several options of restaurants we can go to, usually with categories including cuisine, distance, casual/chilled/fancy and whether we need to ring for a table or not. I mean, perfect foodie friend or what?

Anyway, on this occasion I was given the options of Turkish, burgers, another option I forget and...wait for it...Indian street food that was kind of like tapas. Intrigued to say the least! We rang to ask for a table to be reserved but, unfortunately, fully booked. Then 10 minutes later, they phoned back about a cancellation. We were IN!

Upon arriving, I get why the table scenario was an issue. It's not the biggest of places, I reckon it could seat about 50 people maybe? It makes the dining experience feel more familiar and inviting though. Straight away we were seated by incredibly friendly staff that remained helpful and smiley throughout our visit.

The food they serve is a selection of the most popular dishes enjoyed in different parts of India. And the bit I love most - their food is healthy and rather than overpowering spicy food, it's authentically flavoured so you can taste every little flavour in there.

We were given our menus which were pretty big and we didn't really know where to start. Matt had been told about the lollypop chicken by a friend, but apart from that, we had a vast number of things to choose from so remained open minded. Our waiter came over and explained everything to us which was really welcome and made the decision making easier.

Obviously we picked the lollypop chicken and they're as they sound, lollypop shaped wings, coated in ITR marinade, fried and served with a hot garlic sauce. These were really tasty but I always find chicken on the bone a bit weird. As I don't eat that much meat, I don't really like to be reminded of the actual chicken and its bones. I wasn't too keen on the garlic sauce as it was a bit too hot for me but the marinade used on the chicken was delicious.

We then went for the Grazing Platter of bhel puri (crispy pastry, potatoes and puffed rice coated in a date chutney), dahi puri (puffed hollow pastry rounds filled with potato, yoghurt and tangy chutneys) and sev puri (pastry rounds topped with chopped onions, garnished with tamarind chutney and pastry vermicelli) as we couldn't choose which we wanted! Both this platter and the lollypop chicken were both from the grazing/starters menu.  I wasn't too keen on the bhel puri, I felt like something was missed but couldn't put my finger on what. On the menu, it said for the Dahi Puri that you needed to pop them whole in the mouth for a flavour explosion - do it, it's true. The davi puri I found to be nicer and more flavoursome but Matt wasn't too keen. The sev puri (the bowl in the middle) was delicious and my favourite, without a doubt.

We then moved onto the Tiffin meets ITR menu. From here we selected the Rava Masala Dosa, a thin, crispy crepe with potato masala filling. This was definitely my favourite starter - the crepe was incredible, thin and crispy as described a full of flavour. The potato masala filling was also spot on. Both sauces were good, I preferred the white cottage cheese one as it was a bit milder so perfect with the slightly spiced masala filling.

We both had a curry each for main - I opted for Paneer Masala, which was homemade cottage cheese (in cubes, like tofu but tastier and softer) in a tangy tomato sauce. This curry was probably one of the best I've EVER had (homemade or out at a restaurant). I could not get enough of the homemade cottage cheese. Like I said, the shape and consistency kind of reminded me of tofu but the taste and texture was softer and much nicer. The sauce was delicious and beautifully spiced without being overpowered.

Matt went for the ITR Chicken, chicken cooked in chef’s handpicked ITR speciality spices. I tried a little bit and it was so good! More spiced than mine but not spicy, just authentically flavoursome. I had a naan, Matt had a rice and we split the two sides - both great!

I was incredibly impressed by the quality of food and, although I haven't been to India yet, I can tell that the flavours were authentic. People say 'I love Indian food' but often mean the Korma they get from their local takeaway. THIS is Indian food at the ITR - authentic, traditional, full of flavour with no overpowering spiciness. An Indian curry is not meant to be so spicy you can't eat it! The service was incredible, every single member of staff was warm, friendly and incredibly welcoming. They really couldn't do enough to make our visit more comfortable and straight forward.


I'd 100% recommend booking at least a week in advance, especially if it's at a weekend but you may get lucky like us and there be a cancellation. But I'd hate for you to struggle getting a booking because the food really is too good to miss out on.

2A Chapel St, Cheadle SK8 1BR
0161 491 2020


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

ATE AT: Kopapa, Seven Dials

Just before Christmas I had a day in London with my Mum and, as always, planned our day around what we were eating. When I go down to London I rarely eat at the same place twice. There are SO many amazing restaurants, cafes, deli, bars etc to choose from and I want to try EVERYTHING.

I stumbled across Kopapa, I can't remember if it was a tweet or whether it was a sponsored post on Facebook but either way, I had a look at the menu and I was intrigued.

Kopapa is owned by a team of four New Zealand raised guys, two of which with Maori heritage, hence the Maori term 'Kopapa' meaning 'a gathering, to be crowded, and a building to store food in'. Hits the nail on the head really!

They serve everything from breakfast to small plates, mains - all fusion food. The menu really is something to get excited about.

We opted for the following:

Crispy sesame-crusted goats’ cheese, pine & fir tree honey & chilli jam.
This was my favourite dish, the creaminess of the goats cheese and the crunch of the sesame seeds worked so well together with the sweetness of the honey and the slight edge of the chilli jam. The textures and flavours were incredible.

Slow roasted Massaman leg of lamb spring roll, Greek yoghurt, pomegranate molasses.
Again, another amazing dish with perfect flavour combinations. The lamb almost melted in your mouth, team that with the incredible light pastry it was in and the pomegranate and yoghurt, it was full of flavour.

Tempura spicy dhal inari pocket, caramelised coconut, pickled green papaya, curly kale.
This is what we ordered but I'm not entirely sure it's what we got. Either way, it was really good - not one of my favourites but still tasty. Again, the mixture of flavours really worked and the dish, for me, was really about the crunchiness combined with the soft dhal.

Hummus, flatbread and olives
Always a firm favourite of mine. I eat A LOT of hummus and make my own so I can be quite particular if the consistency isn't right but this was great. The flatbreads were also really, really good. However, I'm not sure they were completely yeast free (for my mum's sake due to an intolerance) but she seemed fairly pleased. There's nothing more satisfying than a really good homemade flatbread and hummus.

Although the service was really good - they brought the food out in a staggered way so we didn't have everything on the table at once and the wait for our order didn't take long at all. I found our waitress and the one that seated us to our table quite cold. Don't get me wrong, they weren't rude or unhelpful in any way, I just didn't find them overly friendly for people that work in hospitality. Maybe it was due to the Christmas rush, lots of Christmas parties - I don't know - but I felt they could have been a little warmer. That said, our dining experience was really good - high standard of food and definitely a menu that was doing things a little bit differently. I may have to eat my own words - this may be somewhere I have to go twice!

32-34 Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9HA


Monday, 11 January 2016

LIFE LATELY: Weekend Roundup

I've just had a REALLY lovely weekend. Like, really really lovely. There was no solid plan, just pottering about and taking in the relaxing weekend vibes.

On Friday I worked from home and begin the weekend how it needed to be started - comfy, casual clothes and a stolen boys Oliver Spencer jumper. Perfect comfort clothes without looking like a bag lady! These are my go-to Topshop jeans, apart from Levis, I don't stray from Topshop jeans. They're stretchy and fit perfectly! I go through phases of living in these Walsh Trainers too, super comfy and a little different!

That evening, we went to the cinema to see the new Tarantino film, The Hateful Eight. I always have mixed feelings about Tarantino films (CONTROVERSIAL, I know). I think his films are fantastic and his imagination is remarkable but there are always aspects of his films that make me feel a bit uncomfortable. I have the constant use of the 'n' word, I know it's setting the scene and it's portraying the time the film's set but it's a bit overused for my liking. Plus, I'm a bit funny if it's OTT violence. I can cope for a bit but then it makes me feel uneasy. Maybe I just shouldn't watch Tarantino films, I hear you say. Maybe you're right, but part of me does enjoy them! Hateful Eight is pretty cool because it's mostly filmed in one room. It's more of a 'who dunnit?' film and I liked that. I liked the uncertainty and, as always, I liked the character Samuel L Jackson plays. AND there's a bit of Channing Tatum thrown into the mix - I'm never going to complain about that. Overall, worth a watch. It's pretty long (3 hours 10 minutes) so don't go if you're completely shattered. We didn't get out of the cinema until quarter to one and, with the interval in the middle of the film, I felt like we'd been in the cinema for half a day.

After our mentally strenuous cinema trip, there was no way I could get out of bed until at least 10. After having a nice lie in and resurrecting my low of a bacon, egg, cream cheese sesame seed bagel (SUPER healthy...) for breakfast, we got ready and set off to London. I'm finding it easier at the moment to drive to Westfield at Shepherd's Bush and pay £9.50 for parking for the day then hop straight on the tube. It's loads cheaper and slightly easier to be honest - no faffing with the train. It only takes about an hour and a half from Northampton to be there and parking up, so hardly a difference when you consider how much earlier you need to get to the station to be there on time.

We hopped on the tube straight to Oxford Circus - Liberty was the first port of call. Unfortunately, it was only the dregs of the sale leftover, so nothing too exciting. From there, we nipped into &Other Stories, where I fell in love with a beautiful green dress. As always, being a weekend meant that the changing room queues were ENORMOUS and I really didn't have it in me to queue for ages. From there we headed to Carnaby for a potter round. It's still so pretty with all of the lights up and there still feels like there's that festive buzz in the air. We headed into Dr Marten where I fell in love with another dress. Unfortunately they didn't have the right size and it's sold out across the entire bloody world so my heart was broken with my lack of beautiful dress.

Clearly to ease that pain, food was necessary. We headed to Pizza Pilgrims to share a delicious Salami pizza. Their pizza never disappoints and I seriously can't understand why people go to Pizza Hut, order domino's or any of that malarkey. Why would you not just go to Pizza Pilgrims or Franco Manca?! From our table I could see a sign shouting at me 'FROZEN YOGHURT' from Moosh in Kingley Court. Naturally, dessert followed the pizza.

Monkey Nut and Chocolate Brownie Spesh. Really, really good fro-yo.

From here, everything descended into chaos! We headed over to the Soho YMC store and I fell in love with everything. I'm not joking. Their sale is exceptionally good so have a look if you get chance. I didn't actually realise Solovair did a collab with them and their footwear range is beautiful. I accidentally bought a pair of suede, crepe sole Derby's. From there we had to head over to Shoreditch to the other YMC store for a shirt that wasn't in stock at the Soho one...there I found THE dress. In my size. In the sale. Calling my name. Fate? I think so. I tried it on and it was perfect. A combination of the two dresses I'd tried on in Liberty and Dr Marten with much better quality material, a better style and a perfect fit. There's no nicer feeling that trying something on and it being exactly what you wanted!

Sunday was spent in my favourite way - brunch and a nice walk. We headed to the Old House on Wellingborough Road for a spot of brunch. I was actually surprised how good it was. I opted for the OH Veggie Breakfast...erm, with a side of bacon. And some stolen black pudding from the plate to my left. The only thing letting it down was the bread - standard white bread. A nice seeded wholemeal or some sourdough would have been much better. Aside from that, really good! From there we headed back to the house to layer up then headed into the countryside.

We stopped off at the Brampton Holt for a quick drink before driving down to Pitsford Water for a leisurely stroll around the reservoir. It was chilly but the views over the water were beautiful as the sun was beginning to set.

We headed home and I braved Star Wars for the first time. That's right, I've NEVER watched Star Wars. I'm an only child, I grew up in the 90's - I just feel like it wasn't on my radar. I know, that sounds crazy. We watched A New Hope and I'm gradually going to work my way through them. I can't say I'll totally love it but I'm giving it a try. After all, I used to hate Lord of the Rings, now I'm a big fan!

I love these kinds of weekends, pottering about, eating nice food, getting some fresh air. It's nice to have the excuse of chilly, wintery weather to be spontaneous.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too and have a great week.


Friday, 8 January 2016


It feels like FOREVER since I typed up a Five For Friday. This is my first of 2016 and still something I love to write each week - it's nice to reflect on the little things that have made a week feel a little bit more exciting.

This week has absolutely flown by but I've been so shattered. I underestimated how much a full week back at work would tire me out. I'm happily in the position of being pretty much on top of everything ready for the work trips away that will be beginning next week. It's been a pretty quiet week filled with catching up on TV shows and watching films. Not even embarrassed to admit I've not really had a life this week other than working and lounging!

Next week will be pretty much the same. I've got a to be confirmed trip down to London on Monday for London Collection Men, part of Men's London Fashion Week. I'll be mostly working from home and then fly to Italy on Friday morning for a few days in Riva Del Garda. 

So here's this weeks Five For Friday - prepare for lots of TV and films:

Luther - I've only just jumped on the Luther bandwagon and I am OBSESSED. I let myself get very invested in good TV shows, this time is no different. I think some of the acting in it is so realistic and the characters are really easy to get to know.

Grey's Anatomy - I've followed this programme since the very beginning and I feel like I know every character IRL. They cry, I cry. They're happy, I'm happy. This show is amazing and always has be. The new series is no different - new characters, new dramas but the same strong bond from the original characters.

Long Way Down - Having caught up with all my usual shows, I searched Netflix for a film to watch. I initially watched Smashed with Aaron Paul in and it was pretty good. I fancied some more Aaron Paul, so stumbled across Long Way Down, starring our favourite Breaking Bad badboy and Pierce Brosnan. The film's about four people that attempt to commit suicide but don't go through with it and all become friends. It sounds a bit dark but I promise it's way more lighthearted and easy to watch than it sounds. I thoroughly enjoyed this and the soundtrack really does the film proud.

Easing the Pressure - This week I've felt tired, grumpy, a bit hormonal and my patience has been very short most days. Instead of forcing myself to the gym, forcing myself to snap out of it, I've just rolled with it. I've kept myself to myself, come home at night, made a nice dinner, relaxed and got into bed early. I sometimes forget that you can't always be on top form, happy and smiley 24/7. So I'e eased the pressure on myself and feel loads better for it.

My New Shoes - Surprise, surprise, I'm excited about a pair of shoes - working in the footwear industry has only fuelled my love of footwear! So, I was sat at my desk thinking about the January Sales and how skint I was then I clicked - Grenson would have a sale on. 10 minutes later, I'd frantically searched their website and discovered most shoes were about half price. I fell in love with a pair of black Katie's and before I knew it, they were straight in my basket and purchased!

This weekend I'm heading to London to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the British Library and plod around for a while. 

Hope you have lovely plans!


Monday, 4 January 2016

LIFE: 10 for 2016

When I wrote my 15 'to-do's' for 2015 at the beginning of January, I had absolutely no idea what this year would have in store, or how dramatically my life would change. 2015 has probably been the biggest year of my life so far for 'being an adult' and significant things happening that will impact on my future. That in itself is crazy so have pretty much failed over half of my 15 for 2015 is totally okay by me. This year has been INSANE. Absolutely nuts.

I've been on 29 flights, been to 9 new places around the world, been promoted to a role I never would have dreamed of having, moved in with my friend, planned a move for 2016 (fingers crossed!), finally become the owner of a car (despite having two cars since I began driving at 17 and SO MANY OTHER THINGS. I can't even begin to put into words 2015 really.

Here's a quick round up of my 15 for 2015 before we get stuck into the nitty gritty.

1. Holidays - get to Amsterdam and Morocco. 
2. My next tattoo
3. Pay off my debt

4. More Blogger Meet Ups
5. My own place
6. My list of 10 restaurants to go to

7. My list of 10 books to read

8. Take my parents away somewhere 
9. Complete my ski lessons

10. Condense my belongings in a BIG way

11. Achieve five things on my Bucket List

12. Go back to the Harry Potter studio tour

13. Go to or plan a Yoga Retreat trip


15. Convince my Grandma to get cat

Yeah so 4 out of 15 is pretty awful BUT the holidays/work trips I've experienced this year are ridiculous and so, so unexpected. I guess 4 out of the 15 are kinda half 'yeah I did it' too. My debt is still not the best but so worth it because of all the travel that went down last year (how weird is it already knowing it's not 2015 anymore?!) I've moved into a house with my friend and that's as good as having my own place right now. I've read more than 10 books, none off my list. My parents and I went to Sheffield and York for two days for my birthday (I didn't exactly take them...). I've been invited skiing, yet haven't completed my lessons. Condensed my things? You've got to be kidding, I'm a hoarder. I didn't go back to the HP studio - it became a place I went with then-boyfriends that became exes so it kinda felt like I was repeatedly jinxing things...I WISH I had been on a yoga retreat, I mean, I still want to but there's nothing in the pipeline. Save? Next joke. And number 15, still no convincing.

Was 15 for 2015 a bit too ambitious? Maybe...but life kinda just went 100mph and totally did its thing. For 2016, I'm thinking 10 things. 10 aims:

1. See at least five new places - UK or abroad, I'm not fussy. I want to see Edinburgh, Barcelona or Paris, Morocco (one day I'll go dammit!!), Venice, San Fran - anywhere I can possibly get myself to.

2. Swap my car (if I don't move to London/into a place of my own!) - I'm desperate for a Mini. I've wanted one for so long and I feel like 2016 could be the year.

3. Is saying I'll get a sausage dog unrealistic? Probably but whatever, a girl can aim high.

4. Another new tattoo - I don't even really think this needs to be a goal anymore. I have at least one or two a year it seems. But now the designs I want are getting bigger, it seems more of a big deal.

5. Go back to Scotland - it's no secret that I loved my brief time in Scotland. I feel like there's so much to explore there and I want to get back as soon as I can for a weekend of walking, fresh air, pub lunches and drinks by a fire (any fire, mulled drinks preferred)

6. Tick off at least 10 more restaurants from my list - I've been a proper saddo now and whipped up an excel spreadsheet sectioned into breakfast, brunch, lunch/dinner - also London and non-London. Too much time on my hands, I hear you say?! But yeah, I like eating out, what's the issue? 10 more yummy places, AT LEAST, this year please.

7. Go Skiing, or at least complete all of my lessons...because I definitely failed this in 2015. And 2014. And every year I've whinged that I want to learn to ski.

8. Complete five more things from my Bucket List - because they're there to be ticked off!

9. At least try and have some savings - I'm the worst at saving any money.

10. Plan less - I've found this year that I've had so much fun and that's because a lot of the things I've done and the places I've seen have been completely unexpected. Planning less leads to more fun!

And, as always, keep saying YES. Keep believing in myself. Keep pushing myself to be the best version of myself.

"Believe you can and you are half way there".

What are your goals for 2016?

Happy New Year! Let's make 2016 DA BEST.