Friday, 8 January 2016


It feels like FOREVER since I typed up a Five For Friday. This is my first of 2016 and still something I love to write each week - it's nice to reflect on the little things that have made a week feel a little bit more exciting.

This week has absolutely flown by but I've been so shattered. I underestimated how much a full week back at work would tire me out. I'm happily in the position of being pretty much on top of everything ready for the work trips away that will be beginning next week. It's been a pretty quiet week filled with catching up on TV shows and watching films. Not even embarrassed to admit I've not really had a life this week other than working and lounging!

Next week will be pretty much the same. I've got a to be confirmed trip down to London on Monday for London Collection Men, part of Men's London Fashion Week. I'll be mostly working from home and then fly to Italy on Friday morning for a few days in Riva Del Garda. 

So here's this weeks Five For Friday - prepare for lots of TV and films:

Luther - I've only just jumped on the Luther bandwagon and I am OBSESSED. I let myself get very invested in good TV shows, this time is no different. I think some of the acting in it is so realistic and the characters are really easy to get to know.

Grey's Anatomy - I've followed this programme since the very beginning and I feel like I know every character IRL. They cry, I cry. They're happy, I'm happy. This show is amazing and always has be. The new series is no different - new characters, new dramas but the same strong bond from the original characters.

Long Way Down - Having caught up with all my usual shows, I searched Netflix for a film to watch. I initially watched Smashed with Aaron Paul in and it was pretty good. I fancied some more Aaron Paul, so stumbled across Long Way Down, starring our favourite Breaking Bad badboy and Pierce Brosnan. The film's about four people that attempt to commit suicide but don't go through with it and all become friends. It sounds a bit dark but I promise it's way more lighthearted and easy to watch than it sounds. I thoroughly enjoyed this and the soundtrack really does the film proud.

Easing the Pressure - This week I've felt tired, grumpy, a bit hormonal and my patience has been very short most days. Instead of forcing myself to the gym, forcing myself to snap out of it, I've just rolled with it. I've kept myself to myself, come home at night, made a nice dinner, relaxed and got into bed early. I sometimes forget that you can't always be on top form, happy and smiley 24/7. So I'e eased the pressure on myself and feel loads better for it.

My New Shoes - Surprise, surprise, I'm excited about a pair of shoes - working in the footwear industry has only fuelled my love of footwear! So, I was sat at my desk thinking about the January Sales and how skint I was then I clicked - Grenson would have a sale on. 10 minutes later, I'd frantically searched their website and discovered most shoes were about half price. I fell in love with a pair of black Katie's and before I knew it, they were straight in my basket and purchased!

This weekend I'm heading to London to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the British Library and plod around for a while. 

Hope you have lovely plans!


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