Friday, 15 January 2016


Another week has flown by and as I type this, I'm just about to fly to Italy for five days to work at a footwear tradeshow in Riva del Garda (#fancypants) I love the trip to Garda as the views are SO beautiful. However, when I land, I've got a two hour drive...on my own...from Bergamo to the hotel in Riva. I've driven on the other side of the road before, once, very briefly so I'd a tad nervous. I'm got my European satnav and car hire all sorted so, fingers crossed, all will be fine!

That trip sees me through until Tuesday, the rest of the week I have my review at work, the final arranged one of this promotion which is a bit scary really, on March 1st I'll have been officially in this role for 12 whole months. Thursday I'm in London for a meeting with one of my favourite companies and I've not seen them for a while so it'll be lovely to catch up and talk strategy! Friday will mean time for a new Five For Friday and I think next weekend I'll be heading up to Sheffield to see Ems with the boys (I thiiiink!)

Anyway, I better hop on that plane! Here's this week's Five For Friday:

Bristol - My love for Bristol has increased yet again. Granola and a juice at Bill's, a coffee at Penfold Kitchen - I could spend days hopping from independent restaurant to quirky little café. Bristol reminds me of a bigger version of Sheffield - full of friendly people, inviting, homely and full of local, independents. I really think it could be the next place I choose to live!

Breakfast at The Old House - It's not secret at all that I LOVE going out for breakfast. I consider it a hobby and a favourite pastime, I don't think there's anything at all wrong with that. Unfortunately, Northampton doesn't exactly have a great deal of nice little eating spots other than chain restaurants. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a chain every now and then (Pizza Express, Chiquito, Bill's etc) but I like a place with a bit of something different. The Old House on Wellingborough Road is a pub serving breakfast (until 12 at weekends), lunch and dinner. It's a cool place with an upstairs full of seating, bare brick, a nice outdoor area, those cool industrial hanging lights that I's a funky little place. I opted for the OH veggie breakfast...erm, with a side of bacon and stolen black pudding from the plate to my left. It was good, really good.

Pottering about at Pitsford Reservoir - As part of my neverending quest to find out what there actually is to do that's remotely nice in Northamptonshire, we headed to Pitsford Reservoir for some fresh air. It was chilly but a beautiful afternoon, as the sun set over the water, it looked incredible. We walked around for about an hour or so before realising it would soon drop dark. Prior to this, we popped into the Brampton Holt (my fave local countryside pub) for a swift G&T, perfect pre-walk prep!

A cup of tea with my work pals - I arrived at work on Wednesday morning to the news the heating hadn't come on properly that morning. Team that with having to scrape the ice from my car and I was already in a state of shock at how cold the weather had dropped. Thankfully, it was suggested that we head to a café round the corner for a cup of tea whilst the building had chance to warm up now that the heating was correctly programmed. We all work so hard and sometimes can go a whole day without a proper conversation (perks of a small team with too much to do!) so it was really nice to have an hour together to have a chat and not have to primarily discuss work things!

A Day in London - I told you earlier in the week about last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time shopping, eating and wandering around London.

Have a great weekend! I hope you've got lovely things lined up!


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