Monday, 7 March 2016

ATE AT: Victor's Cafe, Hell's Kitchen

I've become really, really grateful for Opentable over the past 12 months. With all the back to back travel last month, it's been particularly useful for booking a table for dinner - 100% at ease. It's really been a life saver.

I was really up for some delicious food (story of my life!) and came across Victor's Café - a place serving really, REALLY good Cuban food. Their motto is 'The Evolution of Cuban Cuisine', a look at what Cuban cuisine would be if politics had not interfered with its growth.

They hold their reputation as a top, if not the top, Cuban place in NYC by dishing up delicious and authentic dishes as well as their own creations, using fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. They don't fry their food in heavy oils (brownie points!), olive oil is use instead and where they can grill, sauté or pan fry with little amounts of oil, they do. Healthy and delicious, what's not to love?

We browsed the menu. I wanted to eat everything. Again, story of my life.

After a tough decisions between enchilados and the ribs, I went for the Camarones Enchilados, which were chock-bang-full of jumbo shrimp, creole sauce, boniato puree and boniato crisps (as you can see above!) This dish is without a doubt the best Cuban food I've ever had. The flavours were incredible and I loved the boniato crisps for a bit of extra texture.

Three of us had the shrimpy goodness, one had the ribs (Costilla de Vaca al Fuego Lento con Cerveza - beer braised short ribs, saffron cauliflower puree, acelga and natural jus) which were out of this world. Possibly even better than the enchilados I went for. Another of my food companions went for the Atlantic salmon, pineapple salsa and polenta which she also said was amazing.

As it was National Margahrita Day we were 100% in the right place so each had a traditional goblet full. Very strong might I add but tasty all the same.

I was a bit lame, I didn't take more than the one photo above. Mostly because I was starving and the lighting wasn't the best. But please, please, please get yourself to Victor's if you're in the area. You are in for an absolute treat and I wish I'd taken more photos to prove it!

After that we were all swanky and went to meet some friends at the rooftop bar of the Ink48 hotel and drank gin and tonics with this view below. Amazing, right? It was beautiful.

Such a lovely evening of food, beautiful views, lovely friends and gin. What more could a girl want?

Victor's Café -236 West 52nd Street. 

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