Friday, 18 March 2016


I don't know where the time goes. It's almost a month since I last typed out a Five For Friday and it really doesn't seem that long at all.

Last week I went to Barcelona and genuinely had the best time. It was so much fun, the weather was good, we saw allsorts, ate loads of nice food and managed to do all of that without running around like crazy people.

This week has flown. I've mostly being tidying the house, delving through life admin and trying to get back on track with work.

What's in store next week? Two days in London with an overnight stay - very busy days might I add. AND EASTER WOOOOO. I love that we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off. I'm heading up to Sheffield to see Emily with the baes (private joke...) and I cannot wait!


HAVING A GOOD TIDY - This is totally boring and so 'I'm a grown up' but my housemate and I had a proper good clean of the house this week before our landlord came to do an inspection. Am I weird in thinking there's something therapeutic about cleaning? Probably...but a tidy home is so nice.

SKINCARE - I've started using my new Kiehl's Super Multi Corrective face cream and it's leaving my face feeling amazing. I'm all about anti-ageing products at the moment as I'm starting to panic that I turn 25 next month and that sounds OLD! I always cleanse and tone using Liz Earle and have been using Kiehl's eye creams for years, but this face cream is amazing. I still love my old favourite but this one is a real game changer. I've been doing a lot of reading up on facial oils too (yes, something I don't use - naughty, naughty!) and am 100% buying Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate this month. I love with Midnight Recovery eye cream so I'm thinking the oil will be super duper too.

THROWBACK MUSIC - I'm not talking waaaay back here. I'm talking Bon Iver's first album, a bit of old school Maccabees etc. Don't get me wrong, the odd catchy song comes out every now and then but my favourite bands and artists old stuff will always be the best. I've been listening to The Police a lot lately too, it takes me back to being a little girl and my parents playing their music in the house.

SHELLAC NAILS - I'm not normally one to take care of my nails other than a weekly file so I don't take an eye out with a broken nail BUT I've recently reverted back to Shellac. Believe me, I'm not massively into beauty stuff. I don't really use hairstraighteners anymore, I don't really keep up to date with all of the new beauty/skin products out there (unless it's Chanel or Kiehl's), I dye my hair but it's usually a slightly different boxed colour each time...I'm kinda not that fussed about it all. I like to look nice rather than like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards but it's not top of my priorities list. However, reverting back to Shellac nails has been refreshing. I get SO frustrated painting my nails. I'm so bad at it, like SO bad. They chip within an hour of me painting them so when I was over in New York I went to have my nails done...and now I've had them done twice since. I like that it lasts two weeks and I don't have to worry about it. I also like that Shellac is actually not too bad for your nails either. I had gel nails last year for a wedding and it took almost 5 months for my nails to stop snapping off at the slightest touch. So now I'm super happy. All hail Shellac!

NEW OUTFITS, OLD CLOTHES - I've been trying my absolute hardest not to overspend recently. I am a terrible, terrible person when it comes to spending money on things I don't need. So I've been trinh to change it up, creating new outfits with things I already own. I mean, I know this is no revolutionary idea BUT it's making me feel like I've got new things to wear without actually making me more financially unstable.

Whatever you guys have planned this weekend, I hope you have a lovely one!


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