Thursday, 3 March 2016

TRAVEL: The Highline and Chelsea Market, Manhattan

Every time I visit Manhattan I aim to see at least one new thing while I'm here. My last trip here was a whirlwind tour of all things touristy so I didn't really get the opportunity to see some of the lesser known spots that, as a newbie to NYC life, you may miss.

I arrived at lunchtime with an afternoon free so decided to set off and have a proper walk. I'd anticipated arctic conditions (weather reports of -18 just over a week ago) but it's been around 12-15 degrees since arriving so my melodramatic ways have been met with great wandering weather conditions. I set off in search of The Highline - an almost 2 mile long walk way and park built on a disused section of the New York Central railway, suspended above the city. I'd wanted to walk the Highline last time but ran out of time - it is well worth a visit.

It's really cool to walk through the parkway, seeing views of the Statue of Liberty in the distance, the hustle and bustle on the streets of Manhattan and to just have a little bit of time out of the city but to be above it it all.

It was so relaxing seeing everybody drinking their coffees, walking their dogs, catching up with friends and generally just having a little potter along the walkway.

From here, I made my way down to the streets of Chelsea in search of Chelsea Market. I'd heard a lot about the market but never really knew what to expect. It's wonderful and I really hope you get chance to go one day. Filled with pop-up stores containing clothing, art, jewellery and loads of other quirky, local stalls, as well as food and drink places, it's a treasure chest of things to eat, drink and buy!

I stopped off at Seed and Mill and tried their Goats Milk and Tahini Ice Cream, something that I feel like I've completely missed out on until now - so delicious! I'm going to try and get back there before I have to leave.

After a wander around Chelsea Market, I headed back towards my hotel in the Flower District, stopping off at a few shops on the way.

These are my favourite days in cities; no real plan, seeing new things that you wouldn't normally stumble across and just simply taking in the atmosphere. I love Manhattan, so much. I fall in love with it a little more each time.


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