Friday, 29 April 2016

MADE: White Fish with Peppered Mushrooms, Courgettes and Broad Beans

My favourite thing about newspapers at the weekend is the food section of the weekend magazine.You can guarantee there's always at least one recipe that tickles my fancy.

Back at the beginning of March, the Yorkshire Post magazine was jam packed full of delicious recipes by Dale Pinnock (aka the Medicinal Chef). I gave one a whirl (and plan to try at least another three) and wanted to share it with you here.

It's relatively simple, not particularly time consuming and won't break the bank.

All you need to serve two is:
1 cod fillet each (or white fish of your choice)
8 chestnut mushrooms, sliced
2 sprig fresh rosemary
2 tbsp soft cream cheese - I used Philli Light
1 large courgette
Knob of butter or low fat spread
200g broad beans (rinse and drain if tinned)
EV olive oil, for greasing and cooking
Sea salt and cracked black pepper

Lets get started...

1. Preheat your oven to 180 fan assisted/200 non-fan assisted. Oil a baking tray and place your cod fillets on there. Bake for around 20 minutes.

2. While the fish is baking, heat a little olive oil in a frying pan on a low to medium heat. Add your sliced mushrooms and place your rosemary sprigs on top. Add a pinch of salt and sauté. 

3. When the mushrooms start to release liquid, allow to simmer for 8 minutes. After this time, ditch the rosemary sprigs and stir in the soft cream cheese. Add a generous amount of black pepper and stir.

4. Grab another frying pan and melt a knob of butter on a medium heat. Add a little olive oil. Add the courgettes and broad beans to the pan and reduce the heat. Sauté until the courgette is soft. Season with a little salt and pepper.

5. Once your fish is done, it's time to dish up. Place the courgette and broad bean mix to the centre of your plate, fish on top and creamy mushrooms at the summit of your pile.

Such a simple but tasty dish. One I will 100% be trying again!


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