Friday, 3 June 2016



It's a loooong while since I've done a Five For Friday (mid-March to be precise!) I figured the last week has been loads of fun, so why not talk about it.

I've got another good weekend coming up to - The Foodies Festival in Birmingham, a potential picnic and getting some jobs done at my Dad's house (which may sound boring but I'll be relieved when I've had a huge clear out). Next week is a busy one too. Giving blood on Monday, meetings allday Tuesday, Thursday I'm in London allday and Friday I fly to Italy for 8 days. 

This month all of my trips start. I've got 4 and a half days in Riva Del Garda and 4 and a half days in Florence. I love this time of year, I have at least a week away each month, plans all over the UK too as everybody is more sociable in Summer and the lighter mornings and nights help. Although, the weather the last few days has been grim...

SO, this week's Five For Friday...

Brighton - I went to that lovely seaside town with my boyfriend, my best friend, her boyfriend (his best friend) and two of their friends. We met mine and Ems uni friend Chloe and basically just ate a lot of nice food and drank a lot of nice gin. It was so much fun and I love Brighton even more now. If you check back here tomorrow morning, I'll be telling you in detail about my trip.

Trashy TV - Specifically Love Island. I know, I hate myself. I hate myself SO much for liking this. BUT, in my defence, I know one of the guys on there (we went to uni together and he was in my first year friend circle) and my housemate knows the ex of one of the girls. So I mean...really I'm just showing my support. Seriously though, I'm addicted. It's like a cross between Beauty and the Geek and Shipwrecked (oh how I loved C4 Shipwrecked all of those years ago...) 

New Shoes - I work in footwear...I can't help loving new shoes. I've been a bit naughty this week and bought three pairs of beauties. I bought this pair and this pair from Esska, a company I work with at a couple of shows and I FINALLY got my hands of a pair of Clarks Originals desert boots, purchased through Tower London as they had some money knocked off.

New Restaurant Alert - Technically last week but I think it's fine for me to mention it as I've not done a FFF for so long...H and I went over to Ferguson's in Rugby and had THE best meal. Cannot recommend it enough.

New Blog Layout - I've gone and got myself a new blog layout. It's still got some tweaking to be done but I'm happy it's had a bit of an upgrade. I'm hoping to have it a little easier to navigate over the next few months but with two house moves, loads of trips away and weekend things planned, it's unlikely it'll be for a while. I'm having some with the coding though, apparently my previous template and changes I made to it are overriding some of the new stuff. This is why people like me should not play with HTML!

Have a lovely weekend/week whatever you get up to!


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