Sunday, 10 July 2016

MADE: Juicing with Panasonic Slow Juicer

I try and be as healthy as I can 80% of the time...although looking at my Instagram feed you may disagree. I like to get my daily recommended allowance of fruit and veg in so when Come Round UK contacted me asking if I'd like to trial and review the new Panasonic Slow Juicer, I jumped at the chance.

It's no secret that I'm a big lover of my Nutribullet, using it not only to make daily smoothies but curry pastes, soups etc and I couldn't imagine my life without it. 

Then the Slow Juicer entered my life and I've used it everyday since.

It's quick to use, really easy to clean (which is my main want in a juicer) and compact enough to sit on your kitchen worktop.

Come Round UK were kind enough to send me a lovely little party pack to use alongside the juicer but as I'm moving house (twice - from my own house and from my family home) I unfortunately had too many boxes surrounding both houses to have the juice party I never knew I wanted but definitely do!

The main perk of using the Slow Juicer is the blade presses the ingredients rather than chops them, meaning vitamins are retained and you've got none of that frothy pulp in there that messes with the smooth texture of a juice. The slow extraction and make up of the juicer also reduces oxidisation, meaning the juice lasts even longer.

I've not yet used the frozen attachment but you can even make sorbets and frozen yoghurt with the thing - it's honestly too good to be true.

The Slow Juicer pieces together really easily but make sure to check out the instructions the first time as each piece fits together a certain way.

I started off making an apple, strawberry, banana and lemon juice, mostly because it's all we had in the fridge. 
It's best to alternate the different types of ingredients you use so it keeps flowing through. It also mixes the flavour up a little easier, even though I'd recommend a good stir at the end anyway.
The juice was smooth, full of flavour and a really good consistency - no lumps and bumps, which you'd expect from juice.

One of the best things? It's SO easy to clean. All you do is dismantle everything and wash it - make sure you check the cleaning info though as some bits are dishwasher safe and some aren't. The Slow Juicer also comes with a cleaning brush meaning an nooks and crannies you can't get into or places where the pulp doesn't quick make it through the pulp tube, you can get it out in a matter of seconds.

I left my juice in the fridge overnight as a I made a full jug and it tasted as fresh the following day as when I first made it. Winner!

The next juice I tried as apple, carrot, lemon and ginger. Totally different to the first juice (obviously!) but equally as smooth and full of flavour.

I never realised carrots were so pulpy - the main life lesson I received from this juice.

Again, even with different ingredients it was super easy to clean.

I'm disappointed I haven't managed to jump on the Slow Juicer fro-yo/sorbet hype yet but intend to do so this week and I'll make a separate post for that so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Very, very impressed with this product and one I would 100% recommend you invest in - even if it's just because your current juicer is an absolute pain in the arse to clean. Most are, and that's the crying shame with juicers - the manufacturers don't consider people's busy lifestyles and that we don't have umpteen hours to spend trying to get pulp out of the various components of the thing. Luckily, Panasonic kept this in mind and did a bloody good job on this.

If there's any juices you'd like to see, more information on the frozen attachment etc. Please tweet me or comment below.


**Huge thanks again to Come Round UK for bringing this bad boy into my life - I'll be forever grateful that you've made juicing so easy for me. Despite this being a freebie for review purposes, all opinions above are my own. As ever, I will only positively review a product if I genuinely believe what I'm typing!**