Friday, 4 November 2016

LIFE: A Brief Catch Up

The summer is always a busy time for me as from June until the end of September I'm travelling with work at least once a month. August in particular is always crazy with two shows and a bank holiday then the biggest footwear tradeshow at the start of September.

So, what's gone on since my last post right at the beginning of July?

I've moved house (twice). I helped my dad move out of our family home. This was a massive task - clearing 25+ years of belongings out of the house, sprucing it up for the new buyers, getting stuff into storage. It was just the two of us doing this job with a little help my H and my Grandad.

I also moved out of my Northampton house. Not quite as big of a job as dad's move but still, I'd acquired a lot of stuff during my time in that house. I also had a trip to Dusseldorf in between the two moves so stress levels were fairly high that week.

I've also moved into my new house. I moved in about a week before I was due to fly to Copenhagen for work. A whole weekend later and it was liveable but, even now, there are still have a few bits and pieces to get but I'm happy and it feels like a home. It's just a shame all the travelling for work has meant very limited time here until recently.

Over the summer, as I mentioned, I went to Dusseldorf and Copenhagen as well as Las Vegas and Milan. I managed to have a few extra days in Vegas and did the Grand Canyon by helicopter - something I've wanted to do for years.

Fast forward to the end of September and H and went on a long weekend in St Ives with our friends. The weather was appalling for 2 and a half of the 4 days but we had the best time. I'll do a full blog post on that soon - including foodie spots.

Where October went is a mystery. A complete mystery. But I had a trip up to Manchester to see some friends, a few nice dinners, a trip to Liverpool for a night out and then a bit stinkin' migraine for over a week which left me bed bound until the weekend of Halloween.

We're now in November and the build up to Christmas is beginning, I guess. I really did think I would feel a bit funny about Christmas this year but my Dad and I have got lovely plans and I'm really, really excited. I'm actually going to get the kind of Christmas I've always wanted - friends, family, mulled wine, pub visits - all of it in my beautiful cottage with my real Christmas tree and my twinkly fairy lights and our personalised stockings over the fireplace. It all sounds rather picturesque doesn't it?

I'm so happy we're now entering Autumn. I can't wait for the beautiful colours, mulled wine season (pretty much 90% of my excitement for Autumn is for this reason), nice candles, open fires, crisp weekend walks...I'm even excited for Halloween and pumpkin carving.

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things with blogging again as I've been a bit AWOL on and off this year. It's not been the easiest of years for me and I think I had a bit of a delayed reaction to it.

I am super excited for Bonfire Night goings on this weekend. And copious amounts of mulled wine, of course.


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  1. Welcome back! :) Your new cottage is simply gorgeous and I've loved all your Insta posts. Here's to a lovely Christmas and 201...7? WOW! x