Wednesday, 1 February 2017

LIFE: The Month Ahead - February

Why is it that when you get older, time flies by so much quicker?
I can't believe we are already in February. I know most of you will be saying that too!

I don't know if it's just me but I felt absolutely shattered for the entirety of January. It was a struggle to get up in the mornings then a battle to get to sleep in the evenings. I had no energy to even want to leave the house some days.

February is always a crazy month for me with work. I have the two biggest footwear tradeshows to attend in Milan and Vegas which means two busy, busy weeks with little sleep, lots of walking, lots of talking and probably (definitely) an achey body and probably some kind of cold. I also have a day trip to Dusseldorf, it's mine and H's anniversary and I need at least two Saturdays of fresh air somewhere!

Hands up who thinks my opening line to the next Month Ahead will be - 'oh my, where did February go?!' - or something along those lines *eye roll*.

Did I achieve my aims for last month?

Stay hydrated - yes I did. I bought a 1 litre bobble bottle from Amazon and made sure I drank at least two full ones everyday. It worked and I feel like this is something that's been missing from my life. Who knew I'd be so overjoyed by a plastic bottle.

Read a book - yes I did. With my first work trip of the year, it gave me two plane journeys to read as well as using it as a half hour wind down before bed each night whilst there. I loved reading something interesting again, this time it was Sophia Amoruso's #girlboss (so late to the party, I know!) This book inspired me so much. It made me feel like a girlboss just reading it. 

One meat free day per week - yes I did. I stuck with my quorn chicken pieces, my fave app - Deliciously Ella and the Leon Healthy Salads cookbook Emily bought me for Christmas. I can't say I felt massively better but I enjoyed not eating meat quite so much.

Proud of: finding motivation even when I have probably be at an all time low for motivation.
It's been really hard to keep going but I've done it and I've kept my workload up to date.

Grateful for: weekends.
I had to work one of the weekends in January - which was totally fine as I was in Riva del Garda BUT it's made me super grateful for my weekends. I must admit, working the odd weekend makes me a bit of a hermit for the rest of that month. Even though I work from home most of the time, weekends are different. I can get up a little later, watch something on Netflix, potter around the house etc. I don't really have time during the week and need to be really disciplined so I get my work done.

Letting go of: money worries and general anxieties
The thing that worries me most in life is money. I have never been good with money and I aim to improve this flaw during 2017. I do, however, have the odd day where I am like 'OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. I'M SO SKINT. I'M NEVER, EVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO BUY ANYTHING AGAIN. I CAN'T EVEN AFFORD TO BUY AVOCADOS' but, in reality, it's never as bad as I think. I'm never looking at the bigger picture, only the sorry state of my current situation.

Committing to: a book a month
I absolutely loved getting this engrossed in a book. I have Amy Poehler's Yes Please to read next and a few others I've downloaded on to my Kindle so I'm hoping I can manage to read at least one book per month!

Excited about: some warmer weather
It is no secret that I absolutely DETEST the month of January. I hate the dark, grey days, the miserable weather, the fact all I want to do is lay under a blanket and pretend I'm into 'Hygge' (I'm not FYI - I probably partake in most of the things associated with the craze but I don't like the fact the people of the UK are now jumping on this bandwagon - people have been lighting candles, wrapping up under blankets and drinking nice, warm hot drinks for years...) Anyway, I'm going to Vegas with work in a few weeks time and am 100% looking forward to the 20 degrees+ weather.  

Looking forward to February...

Action Steps & Thought Provoking Questions:
1. Create a spending plan.
I have a monthly expenditure spreadsheet but only tend to look at it after I've spent most of the money in my bank account...can I stick to this with my frivolous spending problem?
2. Last month I decided I wanted to do 3 work outs a week.
I know, at the time, this was unrealistic. Can I set a more realistic goal of two exercises sessions a week? Whether this is 2 gym classes or a gym class and a yoga hour at home.

Aims for the month:
1.  Write one blog post per week - I used to blog nearly every day a few years back. Now, if I can write one blog post each week I'll be happy. I miss engaging in the blogger community like I used to.
2. Analyse my spending habits - and see where I can save money. This is such a boring aim for the month but, as I said, I have a spending problem and need to curb it this year.
3. Get up earlier - I have a terrible, terrible habit of waking up at 7am, getting up to make a drink and then go back to bed for an hour. As I work from home, I don't always work your typical 9-5 but I think, if I did get up, maybe did some yoga etc before starting work at 8.30ish, I would have a more productive day.

FEBRUARY MOTTO: Get up, get moving - solider on as lighter days will soon be here!

Definitely pleased with my January efforts. Although, I'll admit, getting back into the swing of things financially after Christmas meant I only saved £40 of my £80 for my 'save £20 each week' goal. I'm so so useless when it comes to saving money


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