Tuesday, 4 April 2017

LIFE: The Month Ahead - April

So...My 'monthly series' is going well...I already missed a month and we're not even half way into the year! March absolutely flew by - as I say about every month, it seems.

I spent the first week or so of March recovering from a very busy February! I'd been away most of the month and my last trip was to Vegas and, unfortunately, the jetlag hit me much harder than usual this time.

H and I had a lovely trip to Edinburgh for his birthday. We were super lucky with the weather; although it was windy, it was pretty sunny the whole time. It was so nice to spend some time together without having to think about work and everyday life.

I've had a couple of trips down to London, mostly for work, but I managed to explore a few places that I don't get to visit too often - Brick Lane, Spitalfields (one of my favourite areas) and Westminster. I was really saddened, as I know everybody was, about the attack - especially considering I was in the exact spot 24 hours before. It just goes to show, life is short...you never know what's around the corner and it brings home how important it is to embrace each and every day.

We're now 4 days into April and this month already feels like it'll be gone soon. I've got a lot of deadlines and a lot of hard work to put in this month so I'm nearing peak anxiety/stress levels trying to get my work/life/everything else balance right.

This month I also turn 26. Which scares the shit out of me. TWENTY SIX. That means I'm now scarily nearing 30. My whole 'I want to be married/have kids and own a house by 30' is looking laughably unrealistic now. I may have a dog by that point though...so every cloud has a silver lining.

I'm looking forward to having a few days off - Easter falls pretty well this year so I'm off for that, working the Wednesday after Easter then off until the following Tuesday...which is pretty much the end of the month.

So, how badly did I do with my aims this month, you ask?

1. One blog post each week - Fail. I couldn't even manage to get my 'The Month Ahead' out on time so this wasn't exactly going to happen...
2. Analyse spending habits - Done. I'm *almost* in a good position financially. This has been a LONG time coming.
3. Get up earlier - Done. I've also been getting much better quality sleep. We've been making an effort to get up earlier at the weekends and I feel loads better for you.

Proud of: myself for handling Mother's Day so well. After my parents separation last year, my 'mum' hasn't spoken to me for around a year now. Don't ask why, as I have no idea (and I genuinely mean that - I've tried but been ignored!) In a year that's been particularly hard, I've had to cope without a mother - that said, my dad has become Superdad and I have plenty of motherly figures supporting me. Although, I've come to realise, I'm strong enough to handle my own life, my own problems. It might have taken me almost 26 years but I'm finally becoming independent. I thought Mother's Day would be hard but, really, it was quite nice. It was Dad and Daughter Day, with H also there. We had a lovely day out at Charlecote Park and went for a pub dinner, the weather was glorious...it was a very good day.

Grateful for: A long weekend away. It was very, very nice to have some time away with H and to not think about anything but us being in Edinburgh. I really loved Edinburgh and can't wait to go back in the future. That said, there are SO many places on my 'I NEED TO GO RIGHT NOW' list.

Letting go of: frustration - with myself, with trivial things. I get worked up about the smallest of things so easily and it does me no good.

Committed to: looking after myself - I want to commit myself to getting fresh air, to eating well, to getting to bed and getting up at a reasonable time, to eating well, to taking a few moments for myself during the day.

Excited about: Spring - I love Spring. The flowers, the lighter mornings and evenings, the warmer weather, the Easter break, my birthday. April is always my favourite month.

Action Steps & Thought Provoking Questions
1. Am I achieving the things I want to at the moment? In life, in work, socially.
2. Am I educating myself enough? - news, work-related, reading etc

1. Go for a walk at least 3 mornings every week
2. Have a Spring clean - sort out my clothes, spruce the house up.
3. Watch one new film each week - I'm useless when it comes to watching films.

MARCH MOTTO: focus is key.

Happy April - I hope it's a wonderful, fun-filled month for you.


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