Tuesday, 9 May 2017

LIFE: The Month Ahead - May

Yep, we're 9 days into May but better late than never, ay?

April was a good month. Lots of bank holidays, my birthday, lots of time with Dad, with H and with my pals. But, on the flip side, that meant I felt quite unmotivated for anything that wasn't socialising, brunch or gin.

So during April, we went to Coughton Court for an afternoon - such a beautiful National Trust spot and one I urge you to go to. I had a day with my BFF Emily. We had breakfast at Hilltop Farm then afternoon tea at Vinteas.

I had a Pattenmakers dinner in London which was a lot of fun. This time it was at the Ironmongers Hall which was possibly my favourite yet.

For my birthday, Dad, H and I went down to London. We spent the day at Kew Gardens then had dinner at LeBab - which, if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen was absolutely wonderful.

We stayed overnight and spent the next day having breakfast at one of my favourite spots, The Riding House Café then had a wander around Carnaby Street before heading home.

H and I went out in the Stratford for the evening with some friends but first having a lovely dinner at the Giggling Squid.

The last weekend of the month was a fun one. I met up with my 7 besties from uni and we had a night out in Leeds and Bank Holiday drinks at the Belgrave the following day. I then headed home and had a night out for one of our friends birthdays.

As usual, a lot of food, drinks and friend-filled days and nights.

What a great month <3

May is basically a lot of work commitments, family meals/visits, trying new coffee shops and trying not to overspend on unnecessary things as I've got a few trips coming up.

1. Go for a walk at least 3 mornings every week
- amazingly I managed this...even if it was just half an hour running errands!
2. Have a Spring clean - I've half managed this...I started sorting my clothes out and started sprucing the house up but still have bits to do
3. Watch one new film each week - yessss! I did this too which I'm very proud of myself for managing!

Proud of: not giving in. You will probably be able to tell by the next few paragraphs on here that I've had a bit of a dip in motivation/energy during April. I think it's because of the stop starting with working weekends. I love a Bank Holiday as much as the next person but taking a break always makes it harder to get back into a routine, doesn't it? That said, I've not given into my tiredness, my bad moods, my lack of energy, my 'oh woe is me!' days...

Grateful formusic. On the day's where I've had zero motivation, putting on some upbeat or decent music has really perked me up. I've even found myself listening to the Spice Girls for a bit of a 'girl power' boost this afternoon...I'm sure many will disagree BUT their songs still sound good all these years on.

Letting go of: being moody. I don't know what's been going on this month but my moods have really been up and down (is this the type of thing I can blame on the changing moon or something? I heard somebody say something about this the other day but it's probably not even relevant and now I look like a tit!) I've found myself getting in a real strop over nothing so I need to kick this to the kerb!

Committed to: fitness, health, sleep...I'm blaming the whole being moody thing but I've had days where I'm super on top of healthy eating, keeping fit and getting enough sleep then there's been others where I've overindulged on leftover Easter chocolate (yes, I'm amazed we still have any left too!), I've not even wanted to walk upstairs, let alone go to the gym and I've stayed up too late and not wanted to get up in the mornings.

Excited about: holidays woooooooooo. I'm super excited about the trips I've got coming up! Most are for work but I've got a few days away with the girls in Copenhagen and H and I have booked a super duper exciting trip to Lisbon and Porto for a week. A WHOLE WEEK AHHH! I cannot wait!

Action Steps & Thought Provoking Questions
1. Am I achieving the things I want to at the moment? In life, in work, socially.
2. Am I educating myself enough? - news, work-related, reading etc
3. Am I motivated enough on a daily basis? How can I improve it?

1. Healthy eating and exercise - with holidays booked comes self confidence issues. I'm not into the whole 'beach body ready' idea...I don't really care that much what I look like to other people but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin in the sunshine. Not like a sweaty, beached whale.
2. Get clothes up on Depop/ebay - this also means finishing off my 'Spring Sort Out' and getting things either up online to sell. I need to get a few bits to the charity shop as well.
3. Spend less time on my phone/watching Netflix and more time reading having ACTUAL CONVERSATION - honestly, H and I can go a couple of hours without saying a word to one another because we're glued to our phones and I think it is SO unhealthy but, sadly, I'm sure a lot of people are in this boat. So I'm going to consciously make an effort to spend less time with technology and more time actually learning, talking, living life how we used to do before we all got addicted to iPhones, the internet etc.