Wednesday, 17 January 2018

LIFE: Goals for 2018


Yes, it's now 17th January and I'm only just checking in. You see, it's been a very hectic start to the New Year.

We had a lovely Christmas at our house with 10 guests (including us!) then went off to Pembrokshire for 4 days to see in the new year.

After getting back on the 2nd, being straight back to work, having a weekend of basically de-Christmas-ing the house and then I was off to Italy for a week spent in Florence and Italy (for work).

I'm now back to reality, trying to catch up on a mountain of work, a mountain of house work and really in need of a general new year de-cluttering.

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling a little down in the dumps throughout January. The festivities are over, the endless supply of chocolate is gone and it's now time to get 'back into the swing of things' (ugh!)

I also find it a bit of a tough one with all of the 'new year, new me' army out there as well as the new January gymgoers that are taking up all the spots in my favourite classes. That said, it's giving me a chance to partake (for the second year running) in Yoga with Adriene's 30 day daily practice - which I'm LOVING by the way.

I must admit, I'm feeling a little like I'm treading on eggshells walking into 2018. It's likely to be the year of change - which, considering the last two years, seems impossible. Finally it feels like things may settle down a bit and some normality (well, new normality) can be restored.

You see, I feel like I've lost myself these past couple of years and I want 2018 to be filled with the things I love doing, the people I love seeing and the places I want to get ticked off my bucket list. I want to feel calm and content - which, although I felt like at points during 2017, the most part of it I felt like I was floating through at high speed. Are we over saying 'where HAS this year gone?' yet.

So, as I do every year, I've set myself a few goals. Goals I feel can be achievable and are part of finding this 'calm and contentedness' I'm craving rather than 'lose weight', 'buy house' or 'become yoga instructor'. The goals I'm setting myself are to keep me on track, or at least try to find the path I want to walk down (LOL!)

Here goes...

1. Read More - books, news, blog posts
I love reading but I find it difficult to sit myself down and read these days. I read so many books during my English Lit/Lang degree and it kinda left me needing a break. However, it's 6 years this year since I finished uni so I don't really have much of an excuse anymore. I got a bit of reading done last year (mostly Laura Jane Williams, Daisy Buchanan - that kinda stuff).
But, in general, I feel like I need to consume more words - whether it's being a bit more on top of what's going on in the world, reading blog posts that will motivate and inspire me - and books too.I'd like to aim for a book a month, but we'll see.

2. Balance and prioritising
I know we all dislike the way 'balance' is thrown around but I feel like I need a bit of it in my life these days. Sometimes I'll have crazy busy weeks where I'm here there and everywhere - on planes, trains, in London etc - and then I'll have others where I'm simply working from home four out of the five working days. That's fine and I absolutely love the nature of my job and the flexibility but it always seems to fall on the busiest of weeks/months that I'll jam pack my weekends full of things to do too. I love getting out and about but sometimes need to learn to turn things down in order to find that balance that we all seem to be searching for sometimes.

3. Buy less
Literally my goal EVERY year but it's one I always need to write down so that, when I look back on this in a few months, it gives me a kick up the bum. I've said it before, I'll say it again...I have a serious spending problem. I'm a sad shopper (ie. bad day = buy loads of clothes/shoes/food/whatever takes my fancy). I'm aiming for no unnecessary purchases during January and February..possibly longer. This means clothes, shoes, candles (I have a problem) or anything that I haven't already got plenty of.

4. Capsule wardrobe/declutter
I suppose this goes hand in hand with the above really. I have been toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe (or at least a huge declutter) since the summer and I feel like it's time to put that to the test.
I have SO much stuff. It's actually crazy. I dread the day I move out of my house because it will be worse moving out than it was moving in. So, with this in mind and the buy less manta...I need to declutter/ try the whole capsule wardrobe thing for 2018.

5. Really look into my diet
...and I'm not talking anything crazy. I have always considered myself a reasonably healthy eater but as I near 30 my metabolism isn't what it once was (I only have to look at a bowl of pasta and it goes to my bum/thighs/stomach/face). I want to make sure my diet is balanced and that I'm getting what I need as well as what I need for 3-4 gyms sessions a week. I just want to make sure I'm looking after myself in the right way and keeping my body healthy and happy.

6. Be tidier and more organised
I have never and possibly never will be the most organised person in the world. I'll write lists and forget where I've put them or I'll 'tidy up and put something in a safe place' and I've lost it 5 minutes later. This year I want everything to have it's own place and to make my life easier. Honestly, the amount of times I tore the house apart looking for something as I was due to leave the house. I'd never find what I was looking for until like a week later then come home to mess everywhere. And, when you work from home, a messy house isn't good for a productive day.

7. Be kinder
To myself and to others. I give myself a really hard time pretty much 80% of the time. I get myself worked up VERY quickly. It's something I need to learn to control. I need to give myself a break. But equally, I want to be kinder to others. 2017 was the year of me feeling like a bit of a misery-guts sometimes and being that friend that's always a bit negative and grumpy. I want to always make sure I'm a version of myself that I like when I'm around others.

And that's it folks. I may add to this as the year goes on as I had some little things like 'learn to stand up paddle board', 'go to Cornwall more' and 'get heels to the ground in downward facing dog' but let's see how I get on with these first. They're not necessarily measurable goals in the traditional sense but I think there will be plenty of lessons to be learned from my 6 goals for the year.


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